Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wish me luck !

Yeah , tomorrow going to work at PC Fair ! Can earn money ! lol . But i do worried aboout kena H1N1 cause PC Fair is a public area . So, wish me luck ya ! I don't want to get the virus ! =0

Okey , today is just like normal , nothing special happen . oh yeah , i had printed out my copy writing assignment advertisement . But got one ads visual is kind of blur , so may print it out on monday.

Oh yeah , and thanks to Esther for borrowing RM10 to me , as i bring not enough money to print , luckily i saw her , thanks a lot ! =)

I shall go and do my media planning assignment now . and i may not post blog on tomorrow , saturday , and sunday , coz i'm working till very late. By the time i reach home , i will most probably very tired . I promise that i will upload my blog on next monday.=)

Good Night!
Take care everyone !

Busy-ness meter : 70 % ( decreased )

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