Sunday, 30 August 2009

Can online whenever i want !

Apparently my home phone cable tak rosak , just some random stuff block the plug hole. Lol *blur case * But i will try not to online so often . =D Well , today study plan with Teri at BU8 old town kind of sucessful . At least i had read half of 1 chapter . =) Have a nice week next week ! =DD

Not going to online from tomorrow ( 31/8/09 ) onwards till 16/9/09

Yeap, not going to online from tomorrow onwards till 16/9/09 , because my house phone cable rosak di, no wireless then ! =( But it will be a good reason for me to study for exam. Haha =p. I am serious . =D Internet is a distraction for me. I am online now at old town kopitiam@BU8 ,as i am having a study group with Teri. Kind of quiet here , ands few customer . Not crowded also . So, is a nice place to study . =) okay , going to back to study now. Gambateh and good luck to all my friend , classmates , and coursemates who having exam ! =) ~chaoz~ bye . Will online again after my exam finish , only if my house phone cable repaired di , and i got my wireless . Take care everyone . Have a nice day ahead!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My year 2 semester 2 going to end soon !

Yeah, no more class for this semester. Today is my last class di. So, I officially having study week now . Next week saturday will be my first exam. So now must study 9 9 di. =( To get a good result . Good luck and gambateh to all my classmates and coursemates too. =) Burt after exam, i will have 2-3 weeks holiday . Yeah =) Oh yea, my mum is so nice , she let me drive to college this 2 day . Thanks mum ! =)

Oh yea, 2day saw a really interesting incident . Malaysia driver really pro lo . Can park at any parking place , just squeeze their car into a space that can fit their car ! Today after class , i go TBR makan. While eating at TBR , saw a car want to go out from the road inside along the shop, but he can't drive out , because there's a PRO driver park his car at the junction . So , after the car driver horn for very long , and the PRO driver didn't come to remove his car . The driver who want to go out , ask a few food stall worker help him to push the PRO driver car back to enable his car to go out from the junction . I was just wondering that owner really geng lo , park car didn't pull up his / her car handbrake. Or the few man really kuat , can push a car eventhough that car handbrake had pull up. Funny ! =D

That's all for today . Good Night everyone ! -)

Saturday, 22 August 2009

LRT Traffic Jam !

On Friday ( yesterday ) , as usual got 10am class , so i go out from house at 8.30am. Reach Kelana Jaya LRT station at 8.50am. Then go into the LRT at 9am. Estimated that i will reach college at 10am. But at 9.50am reach at Jelatek station , 2 more station to the station i'm going down , the train stop very long at the platform . Then an announcement say that there are technical problem in front , all train from Dato Keramat station to Gombak station will be moving slow, and will stop at the platform longer than usual . Worse still, the train door is close, so we are trapped inside the LRT . So, means that i will be late for class.

After 10 minute , some technician come in to the LRT and then the train move backward to Damai station. Then at there , we were asked to get down from the LRT ,and take another LRT to Dato Keramat station to take shuttle bus to wangsa maju ( the station i'm going down) . So , we follow it . But then while waiting at Dato Keramat station for the shuttle bus , the station people say the lrt back to normal. and ask us to take the LRT back. So , got to waste RM1.00 coz i use touch & go , no refund of money. I sms my friend saying i'm late , and my friend reply me," I think you might come to college for lunch . lol " . I'm proud to say that i passed Dato Keramat station for 4 time on friday ! =)

So, true enough , when i reach college at 11.30pm, my class had ended. So, i join my friend for lunch at Wangsa Maju , then take LRT back to Kelana Jaya. Luckily , the class on that day is not that important ,as it is the last tutorial , the tutor just give back the assignment .

Let me make it clear here . I'm not complaining here . Just to say that the public transport in Malaysia is not that efficient than the Singapore MRT . =) Nevermind la, we must be positive . LRT is definitely better than KTM though .

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A Random Post.

Today post will be a mix post , many topic i will post today . Okay, first ,let me tell u all that i had cut my hair , and cut to a new style, but it is shorter than my hair before this . But is definitely better than my hair before this ,really 'a pek ' lo that time . Coz my hair been cut by some lousy people at the Quick cut . Never go there again ! I like my hair now ! =)

I want to study for final exam but really doesn't have mood to study now. I think i sleep more than study. Still got 2-3 weeks more to final exam. Please give me some mood to study !a aargh ! =0

Oh yea , i'm been thinking to change college after Diploma . Cause i want to take double degree . Marketing & Advertising . Have been surveying . Maybe going Metropolitan college , Help , or Inti to take my degree . But i need to go ask for the fees first , and whether they accept my Diploma, and i can skip 1 year. I just scared the fees is expensive only . Actually , i kind of regret that i didnt go for degree when i want to change course last time . I actually can go degree with my foundation . Aiya, don't care di la. Everything happen with some reason . I get to know and experience many thing in Diploma. Anyway , you guys got any suggestion on which college / university is good in mass communication? =)

Oh yeah , don't know why this few days i have been thinking so much . Aiya. don't think so much la. What ever happen will happen . Like Ms. Ana say , don't put so high hope , later will be very pain . Low hope , at least will not be so pain.=)

And 1 more thing , am i annoying ? I mean am i a person who very annoyed. i don't know , feel that i'm kind of . What's your opinion ? =0

I think that's all i want to blog today . Will go study now . Chaoz . Good night .

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Need to prepare for final !

Yea, my final exam coming soon . First paper on saturday ( 5 September ) . Haiz , saturday afternoon have exam, will be sleepy 1 le. But still i will try for best in my exam and aim for a good results . Will be finish exam on 16 september . Start holiday on 17 september . So, will not be updating my blog so frequent , Got to study . =) ok . That's all. Chaoz =)

Friday, 14 August 2009

An Expensive Taxi Fares

For those who follow my status in facebook, you should know what happen. =)


Beware of a Proton Persona Taxi , Plate number : HWC 8315

Today , we plan to celebrate friend's birthday at KLCC . So , we go back to my friend house at

Section 1 . Then , when we saw a proton persona taxi, we stop the taxi and ride it to my friend

house . Well , normally from TARC , the taxi will go through TBR and use the road to LRT to go

to my friend house . But today , the Malay Taxi Driver use the MRR2 way to my friend house ,

the long way ! We tak sempat to stop him as he cant u-turn. Wasting our time ! So , in the end ,

we need to pay RM 7 fares to him . In fact , we just need to pay RM 3.50 if he use the short way

road ! Geram-nya! The fares already increase to RM 3 when you go in a taxi . What for you

some more want to 'Katok ' us ?! We are KL people , we know the road , u can't cheat us , ok ? !

The purpose of posting this blog is to aware every of my friend , TARCollege student . Beware

ya ! ( Source from my facebook , my notes )

Monday, 10 August 2009

A great weekend

Well, i supposed to sleep or calculate my budget now , but i not feeling like doing it . Will do it after i finish blog this .

7/8/09 ( Friday )

On the morning , go for Copywriting tutorial . The class end at 11.30am. Then , i straight ride lrt back to Kelana Jaya , My mum fetch me , then we straight go to my aunty house at USJ for lunch . and at about 3pm something , 1 of my UTAR friend , Sherril sms me saying that she on way to my place there , Kota Damansara . so, at 4pm , i go back home . When sherril sms me the address , just discover that the place she go is her uncle house which is just 2 roads behind my o pick up sherril and we go for yum cha session @ Dataran Sunway. Have a great chat with her , feel great hat we finally can meet up. And is nice that finally meet the sherril that i know . Be tough , girl ! Keep in touch and take care ya , Sherril ! =) Then after sending Sherril back to her uncle house at about 7.30pm , i go to my friend , Joven's birthday which is at his house at Kota Damansara . That's my day ! =)

8/8/09 ( Saturday )

Do my assignment all day at home . =)

9/8/09 ( Sunday )

Lunch at my mum's friend at Kota Damansara . Then go meet up Teri at BU8 Old Town Kopitiam to do assignment . Meet and know Tero's friend , Janet . Nice to meet her and know a new friend . Then , ate dinner with Teri and her friend . Then back home .
That's my weekend

P/S : To all my PC Fair Friends , we go yum cha when we are free la. Will ajak you all . Great and nice to know you all =)

Go to do assignment first
Good night !

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

PC Fair

Yea, overall, feel happy to work at PC fair. Although is tired , but still i gain a new experience and know many new and nice friend . I managed to reach my target . So , it is good and lucky di . To see the photo i took , please go to my facebook to see . Lazy to post it here .=) Kk, that's all for today , Got to go , need to do assignment di .=)