Monday, 10 August 2009

A great weekend

Well, i supposed to sleep or calculate my budget now , but i not feeling like doing it . Will do it after i finish blog this .

7/8/09 ( Friday )

On the morning , go for Copywriting tutorial . The class end at 11.30am. Then , i straight ride lrt back to Kelana Jaya , My mum fetch me , then we straight go to my aunty house at USJ for lunch . and at about 3pm something , 1 of my UTAR friend , Sherril sms me saying that she on way to my place there , Kota Damansara . so, at 4pm , i go back home . When sherril sms me the address , just discover that the place she go is her uncle house which is just 2 roads behind my o pick up sherril and we go for yum cha session @ Dataran Sunway. Have a great chat with her , feel great hat we finally can meet up. And is nice that finally meet the sherril that i know . Be tough , girl ! Keep in touch and take care ya , Sherril ! =) Then after sending Sherril back to her uncle house at about 7.30pm , i go to my friend , Joven's birthday which is at his house at Kota Damansara . That's my day ! =)

8/8/09 ( Saturday )

Do my assignment all day at home . =)

9/8/09 ( Sunday )

Lunch at my mum's friend at Kota Damansara . Then go meet up Teri at BU8 Old Town Kopitiam to do assignment . Meet and know Tero's friend , Janet . Nice to meet her and know a new friend . Then , ate dinner with Teri and her friend . Then back home .
That's my weekend

P/S : To all my PC Fair Friends , we go yum cha when we are free la. Will ajak you all . Great and nice to know you all =)

Go to do assignment first
Good night !

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