Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A Random Post.

Today post will be a mix post , many topic i will post today . Okay, first ,let me tell u all that i had cut my hair , and cut to a new style, but it is shorter than my hair before this . But is definitely better than my hair before this ,really 'a pek ' lo that time . Coz my hair been cut by some lousy people at the Quick cut . Never go there again ! I like my hair now ! =)

I want to study for final exam but really doesn't have mood to study now. I think i sleep more than study. Still got 2-3 weeks more to final exam. Please give me some mood to study !a aargh ! =0

Oh yea , i'm been thinking to change college after Diploma . Cause i want to take double degree . Marketing & Advertising . Have been surveying . Maybe going Metropolitan college , Help , or Inti to take my degree . But i need to go ask for the fees first , and whether they accept my Diploma, and i can skip 1 year. I just scared the fees is expensive only . Actually , i kind of regret that i didnt go for degree when i want to change course last time . I actually can go degree with my foundation . Aiya, don't care di la. Everything happen with some reason . I get to know and experience many thing in Diploma. Anyway , you guys got any suggestion on which college / university is good in mass communication? =)

Oh yeah , don't know why this few days i have been thinking so much . Aiya. don't think so much la. What ever happen will happen . Like Ms. Ana say , don't put so high hope , later will be very pain . Low hope , at least will not be so pain.=)

And 1 more thing , am i annoying ? I mean am i a person who very annoyed. i don't know , feel that i'm kind of . What's your opinion ? =0

I think that's all i want to blog today . Will go study now . Chaoz . Good night .

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