Friday, 14 August 2009

An Expensive Taxi Fares

For those who follow my status in facebook, you should know what happen. =)


Beware of a Proton Persona Taxi , Plate number : HWC 8315

Today , we plan to celebrate friend's birthday at KLCC . So , we go back to my friend house at

Section 1 . Then , when we saw a proton persona taxi, we stop the taxi and ride it to my friend

house . Well , normally from TARC , the taxi will go through TBR and use the road to LRT to go

to my friend house . But today , the Malay Taxi Driver use the MRR2 way to my friend house ,

the long way ! We tak sempat to stop him as he cant u-turn. Wasting our time ! So , in the end ,

we need to pay RM 7 fares to him . In fact , we just need to pay RM 3.50 if he use the short way

road ! Geram-nya! The fares already increase to RM 3 when you go in a taxi . What for you

some more want to 'Katok ' us ?! We are KL people , we know the road , u can't cheat us , ok ? !

The purpose of posting this blog is to aware every of my friend , TARCollege student . Beware

ya ! ( Source from my facebook , my notes )

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