Saturday, 22 August 2009

LRT Traffic Jam !

On Friday ( yesterday ) , as usual got 10am class , so i go out from house at 8.30am. Reach Kelana Jaya LRT station at 8.50am. Then go into the LRT at 9am. Estimated that i will reach college at 10am. But at 9.50am reach at Jelatek station , 2 more station to the station i'm going down , the train stop very long at the platform . Then an announcement say that there are technical problem in front , all train from Dato Keramat station to Gombak station will be moving slow, and will stop at the platform longer than usual . Worse still, the train door is close, so we are trapped inside the LRT . So, means that i will be late for class.

After 10 minute , some technician come in to the LRT and then the train move backward to Damai station. Then at there , we were asked to get down from the LRT ,and take another LRT to Dato Keramat station to take shuttle bus to wangsa maju ( the station i'm going down) . So , we follow it . But then while waiting at Dato Keramat station for the shuttle bus , the station people say the lrt back to normal. and ask us to take the LRT back. So , got to waste RM1.00 coz i use touch & go , no refund of money. I sms my friend saying i'm late , and my friend reply me," I think you might come to college for lunch . lol " . I'm proud to say that i passed Dato Keramat station for 4 time on friday ! =)

So, true enough , when i reach college at 11.30pm, my class had ended. So, i join my friend for lunch at Wangsa Maju , then take LRT back to Kelana Jaya. Luckily , the class on that day is not that important ,as it is the last tutorial , the tutor just give back the assignment .

Let me make it clear here . I'm not complaining here . Just to say that the public transport in Malaysia is not that efficient than the Singapore MRT . =) Nevermind la, we must be positive . LRT is definitely better than KTM though .


  1. 3 option for u :

    1) Travel as usual everyday and bear with it.

    2) Drive lo.Get a car or steal a

    3) Rent a room here..


  2. haha. 1st option : really tak boleh lo during exam !
    2nd option : my mum won't let me drive car always . No money buy car and you steal a car for me la. lol
    3rd option : i don't want to leave my mom alone at home . And expenses is expensive. So , i think the first option is the best 1 for now lo. =0