Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My year 2 semester 2 going to end soon !

Yeah, no more class for this semester. Today is my last class di. So, I officially having study week now . Next week saturday will be my first exam. So now must study 9 9 di. =( To get a good result . Good luck and gambateh to all my classmates and coursemates too. =) Burt after exam, i will have 2-3 weeks holiday . Yeah =) Oh yea, my mum is so nice , she let me drive to college this 2 day . Thanks mum ! =)

Oh yea, 2day saw a really interesting incident . Malaysia driver really pro lo . Can park at any parking place , just squeeze their car into a space that can fit their car ! Today after class , i go TBR makan. While eating at TBR , saw a car want to go out from the road inside along the shop, but he can't drive out , because there's a PRO driver park his car at the junction . So , after the car driver horn for very long , and the PRO driver didn't come to remove his car . The driver who want to go out , ask a few food stall worker help him to push the PRO driver car back to enable his car to go out from the junction . I was just wondering that owner really geng lo , park car didn't pull up his / her car handbrake. Or the few man really kuat , can push a car eventhough that car handbrake had pull up. Funny ! =D

That's all for today . Good Night everyone ! -)

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