Sunday, 30 August 2009

Not going to online from tomorrow ( 31/8/09 ) onwards till 16/9/09

Yeap, not going to online from tomorrow onwards till 16/9/09 , because my house phone cable rosak di, no wireless then ! =( But it will be a good reason for me to study for exam. Haha =p. I am serious . =D Internet is a distraction for me. I am online now at old town kopitiam@BU8 ,as i am having a study group with Teri. Kind of quiet here , ands few customer . Not crowded also . So, is a nice place to study . =) okay , going to back to study now. Gambateh and good luck to all my friend , classmates , and coursemates who having exam ! =) ~chaoz~ bye . Will online again after my exam finish , only if my house phone cable repaired di , and i got my wireless . Take care everyone . Have a nice day ahead!

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