Thursday, 24 September 2009

I'm jobless this holiday !

Yeah , as i said before in the previous post , i did find and apply for part time job . But then till now none of the shop call me to go to work . So, i guess i'm jobless this holiday . Well, but i not enjoy my holiday , i'm boring . Let's see, my holiday everyday is like wake up , watch TV , Online , play game , eat , and sleep . I don't want to become lazy leh . Hehe . 1 more week holiday for me, then start my new semester . Looking forward for it . Okey , i think that's all for this post .

Good night everyone !
Take care !

P.S : Reading blog had been 1 of my habit and a Must when online
P.S 2 : Seems like i'm been addicted to facebook . Please stop me !
P.S 3 : Is so hard to deal with my own feeling !

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Movie@ Sunway Pyramid

Today after lunch , my cousin sms me ask me whether want to go for movie as he bored . Well, as my cousin stay at USJ , Subang . So , we go to Sunway Pyramid for movie . Oh yeah , so hard to find a parking at Sunway Pyramid although today is weekday. So ,when we reach there , straight headed to the cinema to see got what movie to watch . At last , we choose to watch Final Destination 4 . So, after bought the ticket still got time , so we walk around at Sunway Pyramid . Then , about time can go into the cinema , we go to buy popcorn first . Wow , the que to buy popcorn is super long . And when reach our turn, the counter closed . Wth , the que is still long behind us , and he ask us to proceed to another counter . SO, we get fed up and went in to the cinema without buying anything . TGV Sunway Pyramid service sucks !!! Well, let's say about the movie . The movie is disgusting , and not scary . Well, you can't rest for a single second when watching the movie. Luckily , we didn't bought popcorn also . Lol . After movie , back home for dinner .
That's all for today
Good Night everyone !
All the best and Good luck for all my UTAR friend in their Final Exam !
Take Care ! =DD

Monday, 21 September 2009

I'm Boringgggggg!!!

Yeap, i'm really very boring now ! Don't know what to do . Haiz . So ,i blog ! Still waiting for reply call from the job that i apply . I need money ,but i feel lazy to work. Lol . Okey , i had bought 3 movie dvd yesterday that are Tsunami , Ice Age 3 , and land of the lost movie . I had watch Tsunami and Ice Age 3 today . Tsunami is nice and touching. I like their promo sentence , It's only 10 minutes to save your loves one . What will you do if you got only 10 minutes left ? well, i will try to find all my friend ,my family , and tell them how much i love them , and i will spend the 10 minutes with them . =D So, what i learn from the movie is appreciate and cherish your loves one before it's too late ! =D Forgive my damn emotional ya . Haha . =) And the ice age movie is okey only , not that interesting also , and not funny also lo . =) Well, nothing much to blog . Shall end here.
Good Night !

Friday, 18 September 2009

Movie day @ 1 Utama

Yeap, today afternoon went to 1 Utama to watch movie with my cousin . We watch G - Force . Well, the movie quite nice and quite funny . The story is about a special agent work with 3 guinea pig and mole to break some case . Hehe. Well , then at night after dinner , go to Tesco Mutiara Damansara with my mum , then i also went to IKano and The curve to find for part time job . Had apply for Borders @ The Curve and Starbucks @ The curve . Now need to wait for their call . =) Hope they hire me . Well don't know should i go 1 Utama to apply for more job . More job , more chance ma. Lol . I need money ! Many ! =)

Good Night Everyone !
Take Care !
Night !
Have a nice day !

Thursday, 17 September 2009

16/9/09 :TARC=> Sunway Pyramid => SS15 => One Utama => Kota Damansara

O yea , i did say i go to Sunway Pyramid in my previous post , right ? Yup, we go to Sunway Pyramid yesterday straight after me and my friend finish our exam ! =) As what my friend , John say , go 'lao juak ' Haha ! the people who go to 'lao juak' is me, John ,
and Teri . At first wanted to bring they all go to Restoran Ming Tien that is just at t
he shophouses beside Sunway Pyramid eat our lunch. But after we turn few round ,can't find a parking . So , at last we go to Sunway Pyramid to eat our lunch. As usual ,the shophouses beside sunway pyramid is
always hard to find parking . So, after thinking for quite a while, we finally decide to eat our lunch at Gasoline @ Asian Avenue. The food there quite nice , not bad . The third
time to dine at Gasoline . =D
Then , after lunch , we go to Star Archery to play archery , the main p
urpose we go to sunway pyramid . Well, we pay RM49 for the arrows for 3 person, and got free
3 arrow for each of us also . Quite worth it i think .=D
John & Me, posing while shooting

Me Shooting

John Shooting

Teri Shooting

The Result :




After Archery @ Sunway Pyramid . We went to 1 dessert shop at SS15 , Subang Jaya , that are snowflake . Wanted to go very long time di .
The Taiwanese Dessert Shop at SS15

The beeping UFO that will beep and vibrate when the food is ready

Beeps di, means we can go collect the food di . =DD

The dessert that i eat , the grass jelly + taroball + ice , the most bestselling ice dessert . Must Try ! It is very nice !

After SS15 , we went to One Utama. At first , thought of going yuen steamboat ,but due to some reason, we go to One Utama. Walkaround at One Utama ,and had our dinner at A& W . Then , went back home after dinner at 8.30pm. Once i reach home , bath then sleep . Have the longest sleep , 9pm - 10am. Lol Really very tired ! =D

Okey , shall sleep now !
Good Night everyone !

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I'm officially have holiday now!!!!

Yeah,i already finish all my exam for my year 2 semester 1 , hope i pass and score well for all exam. I have holiday for 3 weeks fom today ! Yeah ! Now am online at library , need to wait for my friend to come out from the exam hall . I come out early as i finish the exam early . Haha =D Will go to sunway pyramid to have fun later . Will play archery . And will go to yuen steamboat makan tonight . Wanted to go there very long di . Okey , so , Happy Holiday to me ! =DD

Monday, 14 September 2009

Last Paper on Wednesday !

Yeah, i having my last exam of my year 2 semester 1 on this wednesday ! Then , my year 2 semester 1 will be end , and i will be off to holiday for 3 weeks . Hahaha . Well , nothing much to say , just shout it out loud for fun . =D

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Duh!don't care about what my title say . Before i start to blog about something sad and tension . Let's start my post with a joke . Well, here's the story , one day , big bao ( 大包 ) and xiao bao
( 小包) go for a movie . They were watching a sad movie . So , big bao ( 大包 ) cry more than xiao bao ( 小包). And here's the question , why big bao ( 大包 ) cry more than xiao bao ( 小包) ?

The answer is :

because big bao ( 大包 ) have more feeling ( filling ) than xiao bao ( 小包).
( Yea , i know it is lame )
Hope you guys enjoy the jokes though . Haha =)

Okey , well, 2 exam down , left three more exam . Yeah =) Let's start with my first exam , english for mass communication . The paper is hard le, not easy whey . But i hope i can get a good result . Hope my essay point is correct . *pray hard * =0 And today paper is Malaysia Cultural and religious practice, the question in the exam paper is not that hard , but i had lose 29 marks on 1 ques and the essay part . =( I hope i can pass this paper . I don't want to resit the paper . =0 Damn tension when doing this exam le . Dunno why . Haih , nevermind la, what is past is past , shall forget it and study for the last three exam. =) Aiya , i'm just acting positive , deep in my heart , i still do emo about it . After all , i had put much effort in this subject . =( I think that's all for today .

P.s : Thanks to Mr . All my friend and Mr . fan check . My mail for yesterday itself got 40 ++ about photo comment and tag .
And today there's is a new member , Mr. Tag the friend . swt
Freaking annoying la whey ! Stupid application ! =0
and here's a warning !

!!!WARNING !!! FOR THOSE WHO HAVE FAN CHECK and all my friend, DELETE IT NOW! IT HAS A VIRUS! THE APP TAKES 24-48 HOURS TO INFECT EVERYONE ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST! PLEASE TAKE IT OFF NOW! PLEASE PASS IT ON. To remove urself or to see who has tagged u: Click on your name a.........bove menu go to PHOTOS... click on any photo under the "PHOTO OF ME" label.. and then click on REMOVE TAG.....Pls help pass it around.
( source from facebook )

Gambateh everyone !
Have a nice day on tomorrow and this week !
Take care !

Saturday, 5 September 2009

An essay that I believe everyone (a bit exaggerating here) will write at least once in their life











Thanks to Zeming who share this ! =DD