Thursday, 17 September 2009

16/9/09 :TARC=> Sunway Pyramid => SS15 => One Utama => Kota Damansara

O yea , i did say i go to Sunway Pyramid in my previous post , right ? Yup, we go to Sunway Pyramid yesterday straight after me and my friend finish our exam ! =) As what my friend , John say , go 'lao juak ' Haha ! the people who go to 'lao juak' is me, John ,
and Teri . At first wanted to bring they all go to Restoran Ming Tien that is just at t
he shophouses beside Sunway Pyramid eat our lunch. But after we turn few round ,can't find a parking . So , at last we go to Sunway Pyramid to eat our lunch. As usual ,the shophouses beside sunway pyramid is
always hard to find parking . So, after thinking for quite a while, we finally decide to eat our lunch at Gasoline @ Asian Avenue. The food there quite nice , not bad . The third
time to dine at Gasoline . =D
Then , after lunch , we go to Star Archery to play archery , the main p
urpose we go to sunway pyramid . Well, we pay RM49 for the arrows for 3 person, and got free
3 arrow for each of us also . Quite worth it i think .=D
John & Me, posing while shooting

Me Shooting

John Shooting

Teri Shooting

The Result :




After Archery @ Sunway Pyramid . We went to 1 dessert shop at SS15 , Subang Jaya , that are snowflake . Wanted to go very long time di .
The Taiwanese Dessert Shop at SS15

The beeping UFO that will beep and vibrate when the food is ready

Beeps di, means we can go collect the food di . =DD

The dessert that i eat , the grass jelly + taroball + ice , the most bestselling ice dessert . Must Try ! It is very nice !

After SS15 , we went to One Utama. At first , thought of going yuen steamboat ,but due to some reason, we go to One Utama. Walkaround at One Utama ,and had our dinner at A& W . Then , went back home after dinner at 8.30pm. Once i reach home , bath then sleep . Have the longest sleep , 9pm - 10am. Lol Really very tired ! =D

Okey , shall sleep now !
Good Night everyone !

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