Monday, 21 September 2009

I'm Boringgggggg!!!

Yeap, i'm really very boring now ! Don't know what to do . Haiz . So ,i blog ! Still waiting for reply call from the job that i apply . I need money ,but i feel lazy to work. Lol . Okey , i had bought 3 movie dvd yesterday that are Tsunami , Ice Age 3 , and land of the lost movie . I had watch Tsunami and Ice Age 3 today . Tsunami is nice and touching. I like their promo sentence , It's only 10 minutes to save your loves one . What will you do if you got only 10 minutes left ? well, i will try to find all my friend ,my family , and tell them how much i love them , and i will spend the 10 minutes with them . =D So, what i learn from the movie is appreciate and cherish your loves one before it's too late ! =D Forgive my damn emotional ya . Haha . =) And the ice age movie is okey only , not that interesting also , and not funny also lo . =) Well, nothing much to blog . Shall end here.
Good Night !

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