Thursday, 24 September 2009

I'm jobless this holiday !

Yeah , as i said before in the previous post , i did find and apply for part time job . But then till now none of the shop call me to go to work . So, i guess i'm jobless this holiday . Well, but i not enjoy my holiday , i'm boring . Let's see, my holiday everyday is like wake up , watch TV , Online , play game , eat , and sleep . I don't want to become lazy leh . Hehe . 1 more week holiday for me, then start my new semester . Looking forward for it . Okey , i think that's all for this post .

Good night everyone !
Take care !

P.S : Reading blog had been 1 of my habit and a Must when online
P.S 2 : Seems like i'm been addicted to facebook . Please stop me !
P.S 3 : Is so hard to deal with my own feeling !

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