Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Movie@ Sunway Pyramid

Today after lunch , my cousin sms me ask me whether want to go for movie as he bored . Well, as my cousin stay at USJ , Subang . So , we go to Sunway Pyramid for movie . Oh yeah , so hard to find a parking at Sunway Pyramid although today is weekday. So ,when we reach there , straight headed to the cinema to see got what movie to watch . At last , we choose to watch Final Destination 4 . So, after bought the ticket still got time , so we walk around at Sunway Pyramid . Then , about time can go into the cinema , we go to buy popcorn first . Wow , the que to buy popcorn is super long . And when reach our turn, the counter closed . Wth , the que is still long behind us , and he ask us to proceed to another counter . SO, we get fed up and went in to the cinema without buying anything . TGV Sunway Pyramid service sucks !!! Well, let's say about the movie . The movie is disgusting , and not scary . Well, you can't rest for a single second when watching the movie. Luckily , we didn't bought popcorn also . Lol . After movie , back home for dinner .
That's all for today
Good Night everyone !
All the best and Good luck for all my UTAR friend in their Final Exam !
Take Care ! =DD

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