Sunday, 25 October 2009

Movie@ KLCC

Yeap , on 20 October 2009 , me , Teri , and Ee Mun went to KLCC to watch movie since we got 5 hours break that day . So, we had lunch at pizza milano cafe @ signature foodcourt . We ate pasta for our lunch . The movie we watched is Cloudy and the Chance of the Meatball . Well, the movie is an animated movie , it is quite fun and funny . The movie talking about a scientist want to invent food for their village .

P.S : I get 5 B for my last sem result . Haih ! I want an A ! This sem must study harder to get A
P.S 2 : Studies is become tougher and tougher . Had a lot of presentation and assignment this semester ! swt !

Good Night !
Take care !
Jayren Sign off !

Ad Unplugged 09

Sorry for long time didn't update, been busy with assignment research . And also not much mood to blog ,as my blog is so quiet , as no people or only very less people visit my blog . Okay , so, now update my blog . This post is about Ad Unplugged 2009 . On 13 October , me and my friend went to the Ad Unplugged 2009 that held at T.T.D.I Community Hall, P.J . Well, Ad Unplugged 2009 is a seminar that let you a great chances to meet and brainstorm with the Executive Creative Director in the advertising industry . It is a precious chance . We reach there about 9.05am to register,and the seminar start at 10am . While waiting for the semar to start , there were slides of creative ads for us to watch .

Promotional Poster

The promotion poster tagline is very creative indeed and it's a great poster sucess. I like it very much .

The stage

This is why it is creative . They tell us not to go . That's a way of attraction and curiosity why they do so .

This year Ad Unplugged is same as last few year , full house , 180 person participate it . And we go in a group . Our group consist of :




Desmond and Jessicca

There are great ad and awareness poster by the 95% advertising academy put around the coomunity hall wall . Here are some :

At 10am, the seminar starts, and the host came out on to the stage . And here's the photo of the host . I had forgot what is his name .

The host of the day

Then , the host start introduce to us about what is Ad unplugged 2009 . And then , he ask all the participant to practice to shout like welcoming rockstar.

He is instructing us to shout !

You know why we need to shout like welcoming rockstar ? Cause we were welcoming the Rockstar Creative Director ! They will come out only if we shout loud enough . Lol =D Kind of fun .

First to come out is the Rockstar Creative Director , Andy Soong

Next Up, is the Rockstart Creative Director , Szu Lee

Szu Lee

Then , is the Rockstar Creative Director , Yew Leong

Yew Leong

The next Rockstar Creative Director is Saad Hussein

Another awesome Rockstar Creative Director , Steve Hough

And Finally , The Rock star Creative Director , Jeff Orr

Jeff Orr

All the Creative Director , 6 in total

And not forgetting the organiser of this seminar , Ms. Janet from 95% Advertising academy

4 group will share 1 of the Rockstar Creative Director . And our group Creative Director start with the name Szu . Guess is which one ?

Yea , you are right ! Is Szu Lee . He briefing and brainstorm idea with us . Our group doing Unicef.

You can see the whole hall is full of people and every table is occupied . Its full house !

Szu Lee is giving his opinion of our idea .

The Lunch of the day : Curry Chicken Rice ,with 3 cheese cake . Not bad !

Here are some of the idea we brainstorm and come out with ,as below :

Photo below is our last hour before submit our idea artwork, everyone is rushing to finsh up our idea and artwork , included our group.

Luckily , we managed to finish ours and submit it on time . Then , after submit our artwork at 3.00pm, we are asked to leave the hall, to let the creative director to choose which artwork will be finalist.

At 3.30pm, we were back to the hall, and waiting outside as the creative director still discussing and voting which artwork go to finals. Photo as below :

Still Discussing

At about 4.15pm, we were allowed to get back in to the hall. 1 of 3 of our artwork had been chosen . But unfortunately , we didn't get into the final. Kind of dissapointed a little bit . So, the host announce who is the top 9 finalist . And the creative director explain why. Then after that , the host announce the 1st , and 2nd prize winner . There's no 3rd prize winner , cause 2 group have the 2nd prize winner .

At 5pm, the seminar end , and we had took a photo with Szu Lee before we went off .

Photo with Szu Lee

That's all for the day ! Good night and take care everyone ! =D

Monday, 5 October 2009

Mid Autumn Festival 04/10/09

Yesterday is mid autumn festival, had went to my aunty house at USJ 5 , Subang Jaya to celebrate with my cousin . =)

Stuck in massive Traffic Jam at Summit Usj there . I'm driving . The car not even moving ! Jam for about 1 hour plus ! In fact i can reach my aunty house normally only 15-20 minutes from my house, but because of the jam , we reach my aunty house after 1 hour plus ! =(

So to kill my boredness, i took some photo using my handphone. =D

Sunset Take 1

Sunset Take 2

Sunset Take 3

Sunset Take 4

Ate dinner at Thai Lagoon @ sunway . A Thai restaurant . Food is nice . Then at night about 11pm+ , eat mooncake @ my aunty house, some make by my mum , some is people give my aunty family 1

Mooncake that make by my mum ! Yummy !

Then at 12am, we decide to walk with lantern to the nearby padang ! hehe

Walking with lantern

My Lantern Take 1

My Lantern Take 2

Me holding lantern

All The lantern hanging at pondok at the padang

The Special 1 . Fish Lantern ! lol

All the people with latern except me. I'm the cameraman. =)

Guess what ? My lantern terbakar by it self as i hang it at a bench when go play around at the playground . Then it terbakar . Haha

The Moon

That's all for my mooncake festival celebration!

Oh yea , share something with you all, the water pressure in my house bathroom is super high . Always heard a loud noise when you open the water tap especially my bedroom toilet 1 . You can hear the video below that i captured .

Tomorrow college reopen , tomorrow start new semester . Good , i finally can get some education back !

That's all for today !

P.S: Quote of the day : 真相永远都是那么的残酷!也许我真的该祝福她 ! 也许我应该忘了她。But memory is hard to forget and habit is hard to change . Hope i can do it ! I love to hear emo song recently ! maybe i emo! who know ?

Good night Everyone !
Take Care !