Monday, 5 October 2009

Mid Autumn Festival 04/10/09

Yesterday is mid autumn festival, had went to my aunty house at USJ 5 , Subang Jaya to celebrate with my cousin . =)

Stuck in massive Traffic Jam at Summit Usj there . I'm driving . The car not even moving ! Jam for about 1 hour plus ! In fact i can reach my aunty house normally only 15-20 minutes from my house, but because of the jam , we reach my aunty house after 1 hour plus ! =(

So to kill my boredness, i took some photo using my handphone. =D

Sunset Take 1

Sunset Take 2

Sunset Take 3

Sunset Take 4

Ate dinner at Thai Lagoon @ sunway . A Thai restaurant . Food is nice . Then at night about 11pm+ , eat mooncake @ my aunty house, some make by my mum , some is people give my aunty family 1

Mooncake that make by my mum ! Yummy !

Then at 12am, we decide to walk with lantern to the nearby padang ! hehe

Walking with lantern

My Lantern Take 1

My Lantern Take 2

Me holding lantern

All The lantern hanging at pondok at the padang

The Special 1 . Fish Lantern ! lol

All the people with latern except me. I'm the cameraman. =)

Guess what ? My lantern terbakar by it self as i hang it at a bench when go play around at the playground . Then it terbakar . Haha

The Moon

That's all for my mooncake festival celebration!

Oh yea , share something with you all, the water pressure in my house bathroom is super high . Always heard a loud noise when you open the water tap especially my bedroom toilet 1 . You can hear the video below that i captured .

Tomorrow college reopen , tomorrow start new semester . Good , i finally can get some education back !

That's all for today !

P.S: Quote of the day : 真相永远都是那么的残酷!也许我真的该祝福她 ! 也许我应该忘了她。But memory is hard to forget and habit is hard to change . Hope i can do it ! I love to hear emo song recently ! maybe i emo! who know ?

Good night Everyone !
Take Care !

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