Friday, 2 October 2009

Movie with mum @ 1 Utama

Oh yea , today go watch a movie with my mum at GSC@ 1 Utama. We watch Where Got Ghost ? It's a Jack Neo Production . I always enjoy Jack Neo production as it was creative and funny . But this movie was not that interesting , just so so only . Well, it's really a challenge to do a movie that is not so scary but is funny . So , this movie is consider very good . Well, won't talk much bout the movie here . You all go watch la. I'm not those people that review movie much . Lol

College reopen next monday . Yeah , finally can get busy and get some education . I am very boring at home and i think i will need some education , if not , i will become lazy soon . Oh yea, to all DAV2 , the date of release for our last sem result had been out . Our result will be out by 20 October 2009 ! It's freaking late ! Why so late released ? sigh x 2 Next week start new sem , then need to wait for another 2 week to get my last semester result .wth ,sienzzz ah ! I want to know my result A.S.A.P. I'm very nervous and curious about it ! =(

Tomorrow is mid autumn festival aka mooncake festival aka lantern festival . So , hereby , i wish everyone Happy Mid Autumn Festival ! Happy Mooncake festival ! Happy Lantern Festival ! Enjoy the festival & enjoy eating mooncake and 赏月! =)

Good Night !
Take Care !
Have a nice day !

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