Saturday, 28 November 2009

Monday and tuesday life

On Monday , as usual , i go to college at 2pm for class , finish class at 6pm , then straight go to my aunty house @ USJ  as my mum coming back from kampung that day . Then , eat dinner at my aunty house . Homecook dinner is always the best ! It's so yummy ! My mum cooking also nice le ! =) Then after dinner ,i back home. That's my monday . Nothing special ! =)

On tuesday , as usual , go to class at morning , then after finish class , straight go to sunway pyramid , and meet with my cousin , have lunch at A&W. Then watch the 3.10pm movie . Guess what movie we watch ? The movie we watch is :

Yup, is A Christmas Carol ! =)
After  movie , my cousin bring me to asian avenue there to try the korean 辣 mee . But i personally dont feel spicy enough . i also try the chicken stick .I order the spicy bbq 1 . But not spicy lo . I should order the on fire flavour 1 . 1 of my cousin cannot tahan the spicyness of her spicy mee , then ask me to help her finish it . Hehe . But i enjoy it . I like their kimchi also. Hehe =) Next time shall bring my friend there . hahaha .Then back home .

That's my monday and tuesday. How's yours ? =) Nights . Chaoz =)

P.S : Hope i hit target tomorrow . =0

Next post : Wednesday and Thursday outing .

Thursday, 26 November 2009

A wonderful weekend !

On friday night , i went to bungkus Mcd @ Melati Utama , and go to my coursemates ,John's house after finish class at night. And you guess what , we get 1 free french fries , although we just order 1 set . We supposingly get 1 packet of french fries only, but we get 2 packet , 1 is free ! lol as the drive thru sales person ter give us 1 more i guess . And we discovered it only when we reach john's house . Lol funny whey ! =) And the funny thing is 1 fillet o fish burger  cost RM6.20 , but fillet o fish with set can only cost RM6 . Weird kan ? lol and they charged us RM2.45 for the coke that suppose to be include in set . swt . Any way , here's the resit :

On saturday , have class at 8am. Then after class finish at 10am, went to makan and print something at TBR , then go to 1 of my coursemate house to finish up our work before presentation . Then , at 12pm, went back to college for presentation . Well, presentation was ok, don't say anything about it di. Just forget it , it already passed. Then , after presentation , went to Chatz Room cafe @ Rampai Business park to eat our so called lunch + dinner . First time go there . Food was nice , and there's a special rak with all their special collection . Well, i do take some photo . Here are the photo :

Then , i went to Selayang Jaya to pick up 1 of my UTAR foundation friend . Then , we go to TGV at Metro Prima Kepong to watch 2012 . But then hor , when reach TGV cinema there , no more ticket , all 2012 ticket sold out ! swt . well expected juga. =0 Then change plan , we went back to Selayang Mall and yumcha at snow ais @ Selayang Mall. Well , the shop actually sell those ais thing , sort of like ais kacang like that . But is with many flavour . Food is nice , and i enjoy chatting with my this foundation friend . Have a great time with her . =) Forgot o took photo. Anyway , here's a photo captured last time we meet . She didn't changed much anyway . =)

Then on sunday , woke up at 2pm. Then go eat my lunch . After lunch , back home to sidai pakaian. Then at 3pm something , 1 of my mum's friend come pick me up and went to cheras temple . At 6pm, i reach home . After bath , at 7.15 pm , went out to setapak pick up 1 of my UTAR degree friend at genting court . And then we went to feeling cafe @ wangsa maju . Then another UTAR degree friend also go there and meet us . Well, got some 驻唱歌手 sing at feeling cafe at night . Is a good atmosfere , chatting with friend while listening to song . And there is few table of birthday celebration . Overall, everything is nice . I enjoy chatting with then , and have a great time with them . Here's the photo :

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Two group of friend i miss the most !

Tadaaa !
They are :

My Foundation TC1 friend ! i miss you all !
Shall organise a gathering soon ! Very soon ! =)

My UTAR Welcome Freshman Concert Comittee  friend !
I miss you all! Shall organise a gathering soon ! Very soon ! =)

No offence ! But i miss UTAR life ! I miss everything at UTAR ! =0
Oh yea , and my birthday is coming exactly 1 month later from today ! =)


Just share some photo :

An antique volvo i saw near Wangsa Maju Lrt station

Car pull car ! Haha

Sunday, 8 November 2009

peep ! I had start tweet tweet !

Oh yea , did i tell you that i had start tweet ? did you all notice the twitter widget at my blog ? Yeah , i had start tweet with twitter for like 1 week ! =) so guys and gals , you all can follow my tweet . Well , my tweet is sort of my updates when i didn't blog . Those who have twitter also can follow my twitter . I am like DESPERATE to have more follower , as i have 5 follower only ! =0 so , do let me know if you all got twitter , so i can know what;s you all are up to recently . I am addicted to twitter ! Oh yea , i just saw 1 of the UTAR drown student , James Khor . Although i am not his friend ,and i don't know her , but don't know why . i feel sad when i saw his blog. A young guy that had big dream and bright future just pass away like that . To James , although i don't really know you , but just want to say rest in peace ! hope you are happy at where you are now ! So , to all my friends and everyone , just take care of yourself and do appreciate and cherish everyday of your life , because nobody will know what happen the next day !

Monday, 2 November 2009


Yea , i'm here to share with you all some jokes . Last week M.M. E lecture , our lecturer , Ms. Serene tell us a joke to us . It's a funny stories , 1 day , a man who is christian , but he never pray and did his religious practice, and when he died , and he met god . Then the god say he want to punish him , because he never pray . Then , another bus driver also died in an accident , then he met god . God say he will rewards him . You know why ? Answers is because everyone pray when they sit in their bus . Lol Get the jokes ? I know is lame . =p

Then another joke tell by 1 of my cousin . we are discussing about a movie . Then suddenly we say about the movie 2012 which will be in the cinema soon .I am sure that everyone wanted to watch the movie , 2012 . Included me too . Then ,my cousin say that no need to watch , she already know what's the ending . Then , we ask what ? And she say the ending is 杀青 ! Lol to the max ! You all get the joke ? Well , for those who get it , it's another lame joke ! lol =)

Well, life isn't fun without jokes . Hope you all enjoy the jokes ! and feel happy and more relax ! =D

Good Night Everyone !
Jayren signoff ! =D

Specially for my birthday niece

Oh yea , last Saturday , i went to my aunty house for an earlier birthday celebration for 1 of my niece . Well, we went for dinner at a chinese restaurant at USJ 11 . Then come back to my aunty house for cut cake and birthday celebration . Well, my super cool niece ,which is my niece sister and brother cheat her with a fake present which is a file with 4 form 2 workbook inside for my niece , the birthday girl. And she open it , she really believe that is her present , me and my niece was like laughing , but we try to control ourself la. Not to bocor rahsia . Then after that , my niece take the real present from her room and give to my birthday niece . Haha , what a great suprise ! It's a drama series DVD ! Lol

Well today is my niece actual birthday ~ 02/11/09.

Happy 13th Birthday , my lovely niece , Ng Tzer Yen ! =)

The Present from me to my niece . It's a storybook ! Great that she like it so much ! =)

Words for my lovely birthday niece :
Baby , from small we call you baby , because you are the youngest niece of mine . You are a very supportive niece. And you are also a very cool and good niece ! =) I treasure and love you much ! Since small, i always sayang you , i don't know whether you notice or not la. Don't say i perasan pula. Lol =p As i'm the youngest in my family , i doesn't have younger sister or brother , but i do wish to have 1 . Thus , since small , i already treat you like my own little sister . In fact , i always enjoy myself when being with you and your brother and sister . So, my lovely niece , remember that you still got another "uncle" or "Ku De " here to help you or listen to you if you need help ya! I guess that's all .

To my other niece and nephew , don't jealous ya , will post about you all during your birthday . Don't envy , i still like , sayang , and treasure you all 1, you all are the coolest and very supportive nice and nephew . =)