Monday, 2 November 2009


Yea , i'm here to share with you all some jokes . Last week M.M. E lecture , our lecturer , Ms. Serene tell us a joke to us . It's a funny stories , 1 day , a man who is christian , but he never pray and did his religious practice, and when he died , and he met god . Then the god say he want to punish him , because he never pray . Then , another bus driver also died in an accident , then he met god . God say he will rewards him . You know why ? Answers is because everyone pray when they sit in their bus . Lol Get the jokes ? I know is lame . =p

Then another joke tell by 1 of my cousin . we are discussing about a movie . Then suddenly we say about the movie 2012 which will be in the cinema soon .I am sure that everyone wanted to watch the movie , 2012 . Included me too . Then ,my cousin say that no need to watch , she already know what's the ending . Then , we ask what ? And she say the ending is 杀青 ! Lol to the max ! You all get the joke ? Well , for those who get it , it's another lame joke ! lol =)

Well, life isn't fun without jokes . Hope you all enjoy the jokes ! and feel happy and more relax ! =D

Good Night Everyone !
Jayren signoff ! =D


  1. i dun get the joke..

    why everyone in the bus pray? @.@

  2. OS: Haha , because the bus driver always drive fast and dangerously . So , everyone in the bus pray that they will safe to their destination . Lol =)

  3. =.=.

    Cheh..not easy to get also the joke. need explanation

  4. Lol ! very easy 1 , k ! We all get the joke ma. Haha btw , not easy to get the joke only is sucessful joke ! Haha ! Yipeeee ! =DD

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