Saturday, 28 November 2009

Monday and tuesday life

On Monday , as usual , i go to college at 2pm for class , finish class at 6pm , then straight go to my aunty house @ USJ  as my mum coming back from kampung that day . Then , eat dinner at my aunty house . Homecook dinner is always the best ! It's so yummy ! My mum cooking also nice le ! =) Then after dinner ,i back home. That's my monday . Nothing special ! =)

On tuesday , as usual , go to class at morning , then after finish class , straight go to sunway pyramid , and meet with my cousin , have lunch at A&W. Then watch the 3.10pm movie . Guess what movie we watch ? The movie we watch is :

Yup, is A Christmas Carol ! =)
After  movie , my cousin bring me to asian avenue there to try the korean 辣 mee . But i personally dont feel spicy enough . i also try the chicken stick .I order the spicy bbq 1 . But not spicy lo . I should order the on fire flavour 1 . 1 of my cousin cannot tahan the spicyness of her spicy mee , then ask me to help her finish it . Hehe . But i enjoy it . I like their kimchi also. Hehe =) Next time shall bring my friend there . hahaha .Then back home .

That's my monday and tuesday. How's yours ? =) Nights . Chaoz =)

P.S : Hope i hit target tomorrow . =0

Next post : Wednesday and Thursday outing .

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