Sunday, 8 November 2009

peep ! I had start tweet tweet !

Oh yea , did i tell you that i had start tweet ? did you all notice the twitter widget at my blog ? Yeah , i had start tweet with twitter for like 1 week ! =) so guys and gals , you all can follow my tweet . Well , my tweet is sort of my updates when i didn't blog . Those who have twitter also can follow my twitter . I am like DESPERATE to have more follower , as i have 5 follower only ! =0 so , do let me know if you all got twitter , so i can know what;s you all are up to recently . I am addicted to twitter ! Oh yea , i just saw 1 of the UTAR drown student , James Khor . Although i am not his friend ,and i don't know her , but don't know why . i feel sad when i saw his blog. A young guy that had big dream and bright future just pass away like that . To James , although i don't really know you , but just want to say rest in peace ! hope you are happy at where you are now ! So , to all my friends and everyone , just take care of yourself and do appreciate and cherish everyday of your life , because nobody will know what happen the next day !


  1. why everyone luv to tweet??

    it's an addiction huh???/

    siou la. c those ppl always tweet. Hands always on their Black bERRY.

  2. haha. Don't know ,is a trend i guess . I just started only, but already get addicted. Lol . Welll, i tweet via web . No black berry la . Not that rich ! lol =0

  3. U not rich meh?? Dun act la.LOL

    Always work during holidays.Btw, is the pay for promoter good??

    I have no experince at all. Will you get the pay cheques fast??

  4. Haha , i really not rich la whey . All my salary gone di . Then last sem break didn't work lo . Depends on which comp i work la . Some fast some slow . The coming sem break sure need to work 99 di . =0

  5. Pay for promoter not so good . Very low pay only . =0