Monday, 2 November 2009

Specially for my birthday niece

Oh yea , last Saturday , i went to my aunty house for an earlier birthday celebration for 1 of my niece . Well, we went for dinner at a chinese restaurant at USJ 11 . Then come back to my aunty house for cut cake and birthday celebration . Well, my super cool niece ,which is my niece sister and brother cheat her with a fake present which is a file with 4 form 2 workbook inside for my niece , the birthday girl. And she open it , she really believe that is her present , me and my niece was like laughing , but we try to control ourself la. Not to bocor rahsia . Then after that , my niece take the real present from her room and give to my birthday niece . Haha , what a great suprise ! It's a drama series DVD ! Lol

Well today is my niece actual birthday ~ 02/11/09.

Happy 13th Birthday , my lovely niece , Ng Tzer Yen ! =)

The Present from me to my niece . It's a storybook ! Great that she like it so much ! =)

Words for my lovely birthday niece :
Baby , from small we call you baby , because you are the youngest niece of mine . You are a very supportive niece. And you are also a very cool and good niece ! =) I treasure and love you much ! Since small, i always sayang you , i don't know whether you notice or not la. Don't say i perasan pula. Lol =p As i'm the youngest in my family , i doesn't have younger sister or brother , but i do wish to have 1 . Thus , since small , i already treat you like my own little sister . In fact , i always enjoy myself when being with you and your brother and sister . So, my lovely niece , remember that you still got another "uncle" or "Ku De " here to help you or listen to you if you need help ya! I guess that's all .

To my other niece and nephew , don't jealous ya , will post about you all during your birthday . Don't envy , i still like , sayang , and treasure you all 1, you all are the coolest and very supportive nice and nephew . =)