Thursday, 31 December 2009

Final Post for Year 2009

Wow , time flies fast , 1 more hour to year 2010 . Well, in year 2009 , i know many new friend. Nothing much special happen . And i grow older , already live for 21 years . Hopefully Year 2010 will be a better year . Looking forward to it . Are you all ready? Faster finish all the ting you want to complete by year 2009 before it ends . Okey , so hereby i wish everyone Happy New Year 2010 !  Bye bye year 2009 , welcome year 2010 ! See you all in year 2010 ! =)

Trip back to Kota Bahru , Kelantan

Last saturday , me and my mum , and my cousin had a sudden trip back to Kota Bahru , Kelantan. At Kota Bahru for 4 days 3 night . Nothing much . Just want to share some photo with you all. So, just let the photo talk.

Took Firefly to Kota Bahru

The cabin crew give us a packet of peanut and drink while we on the plane.

Yeah, we reaching Kota Bahru ! =)

We also go to Jerteh,my uncle house , and we visit this cute litte niece of mine . =)

The Moon ! =)

Back to K.L ! bye Kota Bahru ! =)

Beautiful Sunset ! =)

Suprisingly , i saw my junior , my friend , Tan Jing , she's the cabin crew of the firefly plane i took back to K.L . =) Such a coincidence! =)

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Hohoho ! Merry Christmas !

1 more days to christmas ! How's you all feel ? Excited ? haha . Well , for me, nothing special, as i didn't celebrate christmas. No plan yet for christmas. Might stay at home rest 9 9 if no plan, as i already finish almost all the assignment. But if got any plan , i will sure join. This year christmas , i had done a good thing , which is buy present for the orphan for the gift-out-event. =) Okay , nothing much to blog , let's share some christmas tree that i had capture :

Lastly , i wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! =)

Monday, 21 December 2009

3 days celebration for my 21st birthday

I'm officially 21 years old ! Well, there's nothing much special about my 21st birthday celebration. Okay,let's start with the 1st day .


This is 1 day before my birthday , at the afternoon , when i reach college for class , two of my classmates friend , Shu Hui and Jin Yon suprisingly give me a birthday present . I feel suprise when i received it , as it is unexpected . =) Well, here's the photo of the present :

21 lolipop. Wonder how long i will took to finish the lolipop. lol =)

Then , at evening after finish class , i went to Taman Connaught to meet Jiun Tat and Wei Qing. Then we had our dinner at Taman Connaught pasar malam. After eating , we jalan jalan the pasar malam, and buy some food to eat also . And suprisingly Chee Chai saw us there , as he promoting Digi Broadband. =) Now digi broadband give free modem. Who want to buy , just call me , i introduce you to buy from my friend. =) Around 11pm, went back home. =)


This day is my actual birthday . On that day , i officially 21 years old . On the afternoon, my classmates , Teri, John , and Jessicca celebrate my birthday for me at Popeye at Wangsa Walk. Teri and John buy me a Strudel cake and also give a present which are :

A Northern Rock Purse

At night , celebrate y 21st birthday at my house. My relatives come over my house , and my mum and my relatives celebrate my birthday for me. Here's my cake:

Oreo Chocalate cake

Me and my niece and nephew .

I make 2 wish! too greedy

And i also get my golden key of freedom  from my mum .

with a 21 on it ! =)

My relatives give me present also , but i forgot to took photo of it . My relatives give me a Shirt . =) It is nice ! After cut cake ceremony , me and my niece and nephew play a session of snake and ladder. =) And i'm the last one which reach 100. lol


Went out with Jia Wen ,as in what i post in the previous post. =)

Well, i pretty enjoy my birthday this year , although it is not that special. But i'm already happy enough! =)

Thanks to everyone who wish me through calls, sms , and  facebook. I really appreciate it ! =)

Friday, 18 December 2009


Since today is public holiday , so went out with Jia Wen, suppose to meet up with Chee Yee , Pei Nee , and Joey also . But three of them already went back to hometown . So, i meet up with Jia Wen at Leisure Mall,  cause i want to buy present for the orphans for the "Gift-Out -Event " there . There's too many gingertag to choose . Finally, i choose 1 gingertag.  Thanks to Jia Wen who guide me  where to choose and buy present and where to wrap the present .

Then after put the present into the Toy Bank . Then off we go to Pavillion for movie , Avatar 3D . Before the movie , went to eat our brunch at Snowflake , we 'ta pao ' Subway and bring it to Snowflake there eat .=)

Well, the Avatar 3D movie is awesome ! It had a meaningful story , a very good graphic and techology ! =)
Rating : 8/10 , thums up ! =) It is a 3 hour movie , and it is a movie that  worth to watch! =)

After movie , accompany Jia Wen go jalan jalan and shopping . Then after that , Jia Wen bring me up to Hulu Langat look out point to eat our dinner . The scenery at there is very nice ! =)

After dinner , fetch Jia Wen back home . That's my outing today !  Enjoy it much ! =)

Photo of the day :

Next Post : My 21st birthday celebration

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I'm Back !

Dear blog , sorry to leave you alone for so long . i know you are bored , so here am i , i'm back ! lol Haha . I know it's lame , just joking . =) Sorry to all my dear readers for abandon my blog . I have many assignment and presentation to prepare , finish , and submit  this few week as this sem is going to finish soon, and final exam is coming soon in 5 - 6 weeks . =0 I will be totally free after week 12, means after next week . =) Besides that , there's nothing special for me to blog. My life is simple only. haha =)  I guess i will update more after i free from assignment and presentation . So, ever wonder why i woke up so early today ? haha Cause the main objective today is to finish shooting our drama . My friend will come to my house soon .

Now is already December . Year 2009 is going to end , and year 2010 will be coming soon . Have you all accomplished all your target and task that you all had plan ? For me, is not complete , just partially . =0 Some will sure cant accomplished . =0 O yea ,  christmas is coming soon ! Ever think of how you want to spend your christmas ? I got a suggestion ,  Every year when christmas is coming ,there will be a 'GiLifeft-Out-Event' which organized by the shopping complex with the Orphanage . For this year ,Puchong IoI Mall and Cheras Leisure Mall had organized this event.  Just by using an affordable amount of money and you can buy the orphan a present . It just involve few simple step. 

First, Pick one of the Gingerman Tag,their desire presents have listed down on the tag. So, U can just pick one of it that you afford to buy.

Second, buy them a present according to what is listed in the tag.

Third, wrap it nicely.

Fourth,  stick the Gingerman tag on the wrapped present.

Last, leave the present in the Toy Bank.

Guys and gals , share your love and care for those unfortunate one . They need the love and care more than us .

You will be happy when you help them . You will feel the hapiness too. =)

Go pick 1 now and buy the orphan a present , the event is still on now ! =)

I don't know how it means to you , but it really means very much to me . And i will go pick 1 ginger tag and buy them a present on this friday . =)

Oh yeah , i get to know this event from 1 of my friend , Jia Wen blog . Credits to Jia Wen . =)

Any plan for christmas ? hehe  count me in ! i'm totally free on that day .

That's all for this post ! Bye . Will upodate again soon . 

P.S : Regret taste bad 

Sunday, 6 December 2009

My new cute niece

Hey ,did i told you all that i had a new niece , just borned on november .She's so cute and adorable. Here's the photo :

Her name is Lee Siew Qi . =)

Friday IOI Outing (30/11/09 )

As friday ( 30 /11 /09 ) is a public holiday , so i had plan an outing . So , at 10pm , drive to cheras to pick up Chee Yee . After fetch Chee Yee , we go to IOI Mall top find Jia Wen , as she working there . Always wanted to meet up with Jia Wen , finally meet up with her that day . When we reach IOI Mall Puchong at 11.30am, Jia Wen still havent reach there , as she having breakfast at outside. So , me and Chee Yee , we went to Wendy to eat our lunch. While waiting , Chee Yee study for her final exam. She study account . Here's the photo :
                                             Chee Yee accounting notes

Studying still can smile 1 woh . But i like this photo ! =)

Me and Chee Yee

Then at 1.40 pm , we go find Jia Wen before go for movie at 2.10pm. The movie we watch is :

Yes , is Astroboy! =)

Well, the movie is quite nice . It;s quite funny . =) Then after movie , went to 旺角茶餐厅 to wait for Jia Wen as it is just 3pm something only ,and Jia Wen break is at 5pm . There are so many funny thing happen when we at the wong kok restaurant . First , the waiter there give us 2 free drink that not we order 1 , so we ask them ,and tell them that's not our drink. Lol Then , we notice that the order list got 3 people's drink while there are only two of us . Lol haha swt . Then at 5pm , Jia Wen come meet us , and we chat much an eat dinner there. The shanghai egg noodle that i order had no taste lo. Totally not nice . =0 There is an egg soaked inside the

Jia Wen and me

Jia Wen and me

Haha , then both of  Chee Yee and Jia Wen don't know that there's  a suprise for them .Lol . I had give both of them , the december birthday girl a present .

Here's the two december birthday girl , Jia Wen and Chee Yee

Guess what present i give them , the present are :
The brown bear is for Jia Wen , and the white bear is for Chee Yee . =)

  They both like the bear i give them . =)

               Three December Birthday girl and December birthday boy

At 6pm, Jia Wen go back to work .Nice to meet up with her ! =) And we also went off after pay . Another funny thing happen, the waiter at Wong Kok restaurant give us extra changes of money , then we told the waiter that's not our change. lol Super blur la the waiter there . Before went back , got a baby beside our table keepp looking at Chee Yee , and Chee  Yee keep play and stare to the baby . Funny la . =)

Just when we want to go out from IOI Mall , Puchong. Chee Yee called Joey, my another friend and only know Joey also at IOI Mall eating dinner . So , we park at the parking again , and go down find her . She is eating at Papa John with her bfand his family . Long time didnt meet her di lo. Nice to meet her . hehe =)
Then , after that , we exit the IOI mall car park . The car park fees is RM7 le. freaking expensive . After that , as Chee Yee havent eat dinner , and she want to study . So , i bring her to the famous SS15 Snowflake . Well, we reach there about 8pm . FYI , i went Snowflake before , here's the link , Snowflake . Well, Chee Yee order peanut tou hua , while i order red bean tou hua . Here;s the photo :

Peanut Tou Hua

Red Bean Tou Hua

Then , about 9pm, send Chee Yee back to Cheras , and i went back home . That's my Friday ! =)

Last Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday ( 28 /11/09 )
On wednesday , as usual , go to class at 12pm. Then , during break from 2-5.3opm , go to Canned tree house practice drama, and go to Popeyes @ Wangsa Walk Mall at Wangsa Maju for dinner before class . At 7pm finish class , then go back home. Anyway , here's some photo while on the way fetch my friend home :

                       Teri Saw

     Ter- On High light .lol

            John's hand at the back of my head , Lol =)

Thursday ( 29/11/09 )

On Thursday , as usual , go class at 10am. Then after class finish at 12pm . Rush to Tropicana City Mall to watch 1.30pm movie with 1 of my UTAR foundation friend . Guess what movie we watch . We watch this movie :

Yes , is Ninja Assasin !

Well, that's the first day the movie is in cinema when we watch that day . The movie quite nice . But the filem of the movie burn when we watch halfway . When it burned , i still don't know what's that lo, until the screen blackout , my friend only say the filem of the movie burned di . My friend said always the first movie at that cinema will burn 1 , dunno why . swt lol Only that ruined the movie . lol Overall , the movie is nice. =)
Forgot to took photo with my friend . =0

Well, that's basically my wednesday and thursday .