Monday, 21 December 2009

3 days celebration for my 21st birthday

I'm officially 21 years old ! Well, there's nothing much special about my 21st birthday celebration. Okay,let's start with the 1st day .


This is 1 day before my birthday , at the afternoon , when i reach college for class , two of my classmates friend , Shu Hui and Jin Yon suprisingly give me a birthday present . I feel suprise when i received it , as it is unexpected . =) Well, here's the photo of the present :

21 lolipop. Wonder how long i will took to finish the lolipop. lol =)

Then , at evening after finish class , i went to Taman Connaught to meet Jiun Tat and Wei Qing. Then we had our dinner at Taman Connaught pasar malam. After eating , we jalan jalan the pasar malam, and buy some food to eat also . And suprisingly Chee Chai saw us there , as he promoting Digi Broadband. =) Now digi broadband give free modem. Who want to buy , just call me , i introduce you to buy from my friend. =) Around 11pm, went back home. =)


This day is my actual birthday . On that day , i officially 21 years old . On the afternoon, my classmates , Teri, John , and Jessicca celebrate my birthday for me at Popeye at Wangsa Walk. Teri and John buy me a Strudel cake and also give a present which are :

A Northern Rock Purse

At night , celebrate y 21st birthday at my house. My relatives come over my house , and my mum and my relatives celebrate my birthday for me. Here's my cake:

Oreo Chocalate cake

Me and my niece and nephew .

I make 2 wish! too greedy

And i also get my golden key of freedom  from my mum .

with a 21 on it ! =)

My relatives give me present also , but i forgot to took photo of it . My relatives give me a Shirt . =) It is nice ! After cut cake ceremony , me and my niece and nephew play a session of snake and ladder. =) And i'm the last one which reach 100. lol


Went out with Jia Wen ,as in what i post in the previous post. =)

Well, i pretty enjoy my birthday this year , although it is not that special. But i'm already happy enough! =)

Thanks to everyone who wish me through calls, sms , and  facebook. I really appreciate it ! =)

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