Sunday, 6 December 2009

Friday IOI Outing (30/11/09 )

As friday ( 30 /11 /09 ) is a public holiday , so i had plan an outing . So , at 10pm , drive to cheras to pick up Chee Yee . After fetch Chee Yee , we go to IOI Mall top find Jia Wen , as she working there . Always wanted to meet up with Jia Wen , finally meet up with her that day . When we reach IOI Mall Puchong at 11.30am, Jia Wen still havent reach there , as she having breakfast at outside. So , me and Chee Yee , we went to Wendy to eat our lunch. While waiting , Chee Yee study for her final exam. She study account . Here's the photo :
                                             Chee Yee accounting notes

Studying still can smile 1 woh . But i like this photo ! =)

Me and Chee Yee

Then at 1.40 pm , we go find Jia Wen before go for movie at 2.10pm. The movie we watch is :

Yes , is Astroboy! =)

Well, the movie is quite nice . It;s quite funny . =) Then after movie , went to 旺角茶餐厅 to wait for Jia Wen as it is just 3pm something only ,and Jia Wen break is at 5pm . There are so many funny thing happen when we at the wong kok restaurant . First , the waiter there give us 2 free drink that not we order 1 , so we ask them ,and tell them that's not our drink. Lol Then , we notice that the order list got 3 people's drink while there are only two of us . Lol haha swt . Then at 5pm , Jia Wen come meet us , and we chat much an eat dinner there. The shanghai egg noodle that i order had no taste lo. Totally not nice . =0 There is an egg soaked inside the

Jia Wen and me

Jia Wen and me

Haha , then both of  Chee Yee and Jia Wen don't know that there's  a suprise for them .Lol . I had give both of them , the december birthday girl a present .

Here's the two december birthday girl , Jia Wen and Chee Yee

Guess what present i give them , the present are :
The brown bear is for Jia Wen , and the white bear is for Chee Yee . =)

  They both like the bear i give them . =)

               Three December Birthday girl and December birthday boy

At 6pm, Jia Wen go back to work .Nice to meet up with her ! =) And we also went off after pay . Another funny thing happen, the waiter at Wong Kok restaurant give us extra changes of money , then we told the waiter that's not our change. lol Super blur la the waiter there . Before went back , got a baby beside our table keepp looking at Chee Yee , and Chee  Yee keep play and stare to the baby . Funny la . =)

Just when we want to go out from IOI Mall , Puchong. Chee Yee called Joey, my another friend and only know Joey also at IOI Mall eating dinner . So , we park at the parking again , and go down find her . She is eating at Papa John with her bfand his family . Long time didnt meet her di lo. Nice to meet her . hehe =)
Then , after that , we exit the IOI mall car park . The car park fees is RM7 le. freaking expensive . After that , as Chee Yee havent eat dinner , and she want to study . So , i bring her to the famous SS15 Snowflake . Well, we reach there about 8pm . FYI , i went Snowflake before , here's the link , Snowflake . Well, Chee Yee order peanut tou hua , while i order red bean tou hua . Here;s the photo :

Peanut Tou Hua

Red Bean Tou Hua

Then , about 9pm, send Chee Yee back to Cheras , and i went back home . That's my Friday ! =)

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