Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Happy Birthday to Ms. Chong Sher Ryn

Happy Birthday to Ms. Chong Sher Ryn

Okay , today , 2 / 12 /09 , is one of my best friend , Ms. Chong Sher Ryn 21st birthday ! So , hereby , i wish her a happy 21st birthday ! All the best and good luck in your future undertaking ! Hope you enjoy your birthday ! =)

Words to Sher Ryn :

Sher Ryn , you are already a best friend of mine . We can share anything together. We can talk ,gossip and whatever we want to say to each other . I always appreciate that when i talk to you , you will always be a good listener ,and stay quiet and listen to what i talk . You will even advice me when i got problem ,and will cheer me up when i'm sad . You are a really good good good friend in my heart . I always treasure and cherish the time we spend together at outing and chit chat. For me, you are a very hardworking and intelligent girl , you always try your best to get a good result . And actually i quite kagum you about this . So , keep it up , girl ! You can do it ! =)

Let see , you still remember how we met ? =) Well, i still remember that you are the first friend i know at UTAR during foundation . I still remember that i know you from friendster . Then , i feel that you is quite special , and i add you at friendster. I also add you at MSN .Then , we somemore chat at MSN , and i get to know that you are in the same class as me. And the next day , we having tutorial . And i only know who are you when the tutor is taking our attendance. I think you also got notice who are me , right ? But then still i havent go introduce me to you . Until like the next day , while waiting for class , i go introduce myself to you . And you also introduce yourself . Am i right ?  Then , after that , many thing happens during the few sem during foundation . But i really glad that we are still friend now , even better than good friend . Sher Ryn , you are a friendly girl . I'm glad that you always try to turn up when i ajak you out , you always try to come out yum cha when i ask you out . That's really good enough already . And i still remember when last time , i want to learn piano , you willingly to say you can teach me . That's really good ! =) I will soon find you to learn piano if i want . hehe

Well , Sher Ryn, we already been friend for almost 3 years . I hope our friendship will last forever until we become old man and old woman , we still are friend and can come out yumcha . Lol I really treasure and cherish our friendship . Remember ya , if you got any problem , you can always seek help from me and if you feel like want to complain anything , i willl always willing to be your listener . I will always be there for you , friend ! =)

Ok la, lastly , wish you again Happy 21st Birthday ! Stay sweet with your bf ! And stay young and beautiful always ! You are still young . =) Sorry that i cant celebrate your birthday for you , i have been busy this few days . Nevermind , i will find 1 day replace birthday celebration for you . Remember , i still owe you a present ya . hehe  =)

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