Thursday, 3 December 2009

Happy Birthday to Ms. Ding Jia Wen

Happy Birthday to Ms. Ding Jia Wen

And here's the early present from me to her last week :

A Bear ! The brown bear is for her ! =)

Okay , today . 3 / 12 /09 is one of my friend , Ms. JW aka Ms. Ding aka Jia Wen 19th Birthday ! So , hereby , i wish her Happy 19th Birthday ! Jia Wen , enjoy your birthday ya ! =)  All the best and good luck in your future undertaking ya ! =)

Words for Jia Wen :

Let's see , Jia Wen , we had been friends for 3 months + . Although we just friends for 3 months only , but i can feel that you are really true friend . And you already is a good friend of mine . =) You still remember how we know each other ? Well, we met at d last day of  PC Fair , 2/8/09 . But then that time we still doesn't know each other , just a stranger i guess . But few days after PC Fair , i added you in facebook and i also added you in MSN . Well you got reply me at Facebook. Then after that , we start to chat at MSN also . I still remember that the first time we chat , you having exam and is stress, so i  tell you at MSN saying " Have a break , have a kit kat " . But then you say you don't like chocalate , but you like strawberry , so i say " Have a strawberry , have a break" Lol  funny whey . Then i still remember that you say you eat strawberry sundae every day during exam period. hehe Then after that we  always chat at MSN , we chat about academic stuff , then we also exchange our blog address . And then we also visit each other blog and leave comment . Am i right ? hehe =) Well, i really appreciate and treasure all this .

 To be frank , i hardly chat so much with a stranger or a just know friend . But don't know why , i feel comfortable chatting with you , we can chat many things . When i chat with you , i feel like i am chatting with a good friend . =) Jia Wen , you are already a good friend in my heart . I always enjoy chatting with you . Well, although we didn't meet each other that time and we chat at MSN , i still can feel that you are a very true friend .You are a very sincere friend . =) Well, i always try to plan to make a outing to meet you up, and you always try to attend the outing . Although you cant make it for few time, but i know you try hard to tun up for the outing . =) Last friday , we finally meet up . I feel great to meet up with you ! I enjoy chatting and dinner with you that day !=) But then i feel that it still is a short outing . Nevermind , we can go out again next time , and chat more , a longer outing . =)

Ermm,on your birthday , let see i understand you this friend or not ah . Well, jia wen , you are a girl which dislike chocalate , but you like chocalate drink . You like strawberry . You also like cats , and you got a cat at your house . You like mickey mouse very much . You like Avril Lavigne , same like me . You also like Jay Chou . You can be hyper some times . You also like to collect nice watch . You wish to have a better english , that's why you start a blog.  Am i right ? Do i understand you well ?  hehe =)

Jia wen ,in my opinion , you are an independent girl, you always know to make a decision for yourself .You are a good girl . You are a very good friend . You also always study hard to get a good result . That's what i kagum about you . hehe =) Jia wen , you also is a good listener , you always willing to listen to what i say at MSN , and sometimes you also will advice me ,and cheer me up when i'm emo . I really appreciate all that . Jia Wen , i really treasure and cherish our frienship . Hope that our friendship will last forever , until we are old man , and old women already , we still can chat at MSN , leave comment at blog , and go out yumcha . lol =) Jia Wen , remember ya , you can always seek help from me if you have any problem , and you can seek advice from me if you need some advice for any problem also . You can also complained anything to me , dont keep it all in your heart ya . I will willingly be your good listener . I will always be there for you , my friend ! =)

Ok, lastly , i would like to wish you , Happy 19th Birthday to Ms. Ding Jia Wen ! Stay sweet with your bf ya ! Take care and keep in touch ! Stay happy always =) That day , i just give you a present , haven't celebrate a birthday for you . Well, i will replace it another day for you . Remember ya , i still owe you a birthday celebration. Hehe It will be another suprise . Lol  Remember our next outing ya , dinner outing on 17/12/09 ( Thursday ) ! =)  See you soon ! Have a great birthday ! and enjoy your trip at Penang ya ! =)

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