Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I'm Back !

Dear blog , sorry to leave you alone for so long . i know you are bored , so here am i , i'm back ! lol Haha . I know it's lame , just joking . =) Sorry to all my dear readers for abandon my blog . I have many assignment and presentation to prepare , finish , and submit  this few week as this sem is going to finish soon, and final exam is coming soon in 5 - 6 weeks . =0 I will be totally free after week 12, means after next week . =) Besides that , there's nothing special for me to blog. My life is simple only. haha =)  I guess i will update more after i free from assignment and presentation . So, ever wonder why i woke up so early today ? haha Cause the main objective today is to finish shooting our drama . My friend will come to my house soon .

Now is already December . Year 2009 is going to end , and year 2010 will be coming soon . Have you all accomplished all your target and task that you all had plan ? For me, is not complete , just partially . =0 Some will sure cant accomplished . =0 O yea ,  christmas is coming soon ! Ever think of how you want to spend your christmas ? I got a suggestion ,  Every year when christmas is coming ,there will be a 'GiLifeft-Out-Event' which organized by the shopping complex with the Orphanage . For this year ,Puchong IoI Mall and Cheras Leisure Mall had organized this event.  Just by using an affordable amount of money and you can buy the orphan a present . It just involve few simple step. 

First, Pick one of the Gingerman Tag,their desire presents have listed down on the tag. So, U can just pick one of it that you afford to buy.

Second, buy them a present according to what is listed in the tag.

Third, wrap it nicely.

Fourth,  stick the Gingerman tag on the wrapped present.

Last, leave the present in the Toy Bank.

Guys and gals , share your love and care for those unfortunate one . They need the love and care more than us .

You will be happy when you help them . You will feel the hapiness too. =)

Go pick 1 now and buy the orphan a present , the event is still on now ! =)

I don't know how it means to you , but it really means very much to me . And i will go pick 1 ginger tag and buy them a present on this friday . =)

Oh yeah , i get to know this event from 1 of my friend , Jia Wen blog . Credits to Jia Wen . =)

Any plan for christmas ? hehe  count me in ! i'm totally free on that day .

That's all for this post ! Bye . Will upodate again soon . 

P.S : Regret taste bad 

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