Sunday, 6 December 2009

Last Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday ( 28 /11/09 )
On wednesday , as usual , go to class at 12pm. Then , during break from 2-5.3opm , go to Canned tree house practice drama, and go to Popeyes @ Wangsa Walk Mall at Wangsa Maju for dinner before class . At 7pm finish class , then go back home. Anyway , here's some photo while on the way fetch my friend home :

                       Teri Saw

     Ter- On High light .lol

            John's hand at the back of my head , Lol =)

Thursday ( 29/11/09 )

On Thursday , as usual , go class at 10am. Then after class finish at 12pm . Rush to Tropicana City Mall to watch 1.30pm movie with 1 of my UTAR foundation friend . Guess what movie we watch . We watch this movie :

Yes , is Ninja Assasin !

Well, that's the first day the movie is in cinema when we watch that day . The movie quite nice . But the filem of the movie burn when we watch halfway . When it burned , i still don't know what's that lo, until the screen blackout , my friend only say the filem of the movie burned di . My friend said always the first movie at that cinema will burn 1 , dunno why . swt lol Only that ruined the movie . lol Overall , the movie is nice. =)
Forgot to took photo with my friend . =0

Well, that's basically my wednesday and thursday .

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