Friday, 18 December 2009


Since today is public holiday , so went out with Jia Wen, suppose to meet up with Chee Yee , Pei Nee , and Joey also . But three of them already went back to hometown . So, i meet up with Jia Wen at Leisure Mall,  cause i want to buy present for the orphans for the "Gift-Out -Event " there . There's too many gingertag to choose . Finally, i choose 1 gingertag.  Thanks to Jia Wen who guide me  where to choose and buy present and where to wrap the present .

Then after put the present into the Toy Bank . Then off we go to Pavillion for movie , Avatar 3D . Before the movie , went to eat our brunch at Snowflake , we 'ta pao ' Subway and bring it to Snowflake there eat .=)

Well, the Avatar 3D movie is awesome ! It had a meaningful story , a very good graphic and techology ! =)
Rating : 8/10 , thums up ! =) It is a 3 hour movie , and it is a movie that  worth to watch! =)

After movie , accompany Jia Wen go jalan jalan and shopping . Then after that , Jia Wen bring me up to Hulu Langat look out point to eat our dinner . The scenery at there is very nice ! =)

After dinner , fetch Jia Wen back home . That's my outing today !  Enjoy it much ! =)

Photo of the day :

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