Thursday, 31 December 2009

Trip back to Kota Bahru , Kelantan

Last saturday , me and my mum , and my cousin had a sudden trip back to Kota Bahru , Kelantan. At Kota Bahru for 4 days 3 night . Nothing much . Just want to share some photo with you all. So, just let the photo talk.

Took Firefly to Kota Bahru

The cabin crew give us a packet of peanut and drink while we on the plane.

Yeah, we reaching Kota Bahru ! =)

We also go to Jerteh,my uncle house , and we visit this cute litte niece of mine . =)

The Moon ! =)

Back to K.L ! bye Kota Bahru ! =)

Beautiful Sunset ! =)

Suprisingly , i saw my junior , my friend , Tan Jing , she's the cabin crew of the firefly plane i took back to K.L . =) Such a coincidence! =)

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