Sunday, 31 January 2010

Last day of January

Yup, today is my third day of holiday . And also last day of January. Shall welcome februart tomorrow , means CNY is coming soon . hehe. Today I wake up at 4.30pm. Geng huh ? skip breakfast and lunch , straight eat dinner and watch I guess , i guess , i guess guess guess . lol After dinner , then read newspaper . After that , go out buy roti, just in case i hungry at night is till got roti to eat . hehe I also go to Sunway Giza Mall that near my house , as the mall is new , the parking still free , and only few shop open only . The mall just so so , if people go also go their supermarket only , Village grocer , same as bangsar 1 . So, just walk a while , then off i go to Mcdonald to buy chocalate sundae . I saw the ads in the newspaper and craved for it as i already didn't eat it very long . lie up and waited a while at the drive thru lane. And guess what , the worker who at the counter where i collect my chocalate sundae is a worker that work at bodyglove 1Utama, my colleague when i work part time at Bodygllove 1 utama last time . So coincidence 1 ! She say hi to me , then i ask her work there ah , then she say work part time only . hehe After that , i back home and enjoy my roti and the chocalate sundae . Oh ya , i want to try the Mcd prosperity burger , nice ah ? i didn't eat before le. Hmmmm, Must try it .

Oh ya , the carefour that very near to my house will be opened at 2 of february , the coming wednesday , got free breakfast . They somemore send invitation to the public at Dataran Sunway , good publicity ! But why don't they straight send the invitation flyer or leaflet to every houses. swt . More and more choices of supermarket for the kota damansara people like me and my mum . Is a good thing , but also is a bad thing . Got Giant , Tesco, and carefour . Good thing is mum can compare the price between the supermarket . Bad thig is it will be congested and jam when sale. =0 By the way , will go 1 Utama tomorrow morning to buy new clothes for CNY . Yipee ! That's all for today ,will online and sleep early today ! =)

P.S : Nobody call me for the job that i apply , i hope i will be hired , i want to work ! *fingercrossed first la*=0

Chinese New Year is coming soon ! Are you all ready ?

I'm not ready yet , and there's no mood of chinese new year . I haven't buy new clothes . How about you all , my readers ? Oh ya, i tell you i went to 1 utama on 29 Jan ,right ? I had capture the Chinese New Year decoration at the new wing . I also saw the 'bian nian ' show . Well, here's the decoration :

Okay , for those who haven't prepared for Chinese New Year , you all better prepare now , 14 days left . hehe 

P.S : i know my blog reader decrease day by day , and there's hardly got people come read my blog , but still i will continue blog . So, if you happen to read my blog , or just click into my blog , just say Hi ya at least . Much appreciated ! 

Saturday 30 january i went to Tanjung Rambutan

Yes , on 30 jan which is yesterday night , i go to Tanjung Rambutan 1 round with my friend . Go visit . Haha . Oops , no la, i go to the Restoran Tanjung Rambutan Steamboat Buffet and BBQ . I went there for our Utar TC1 gathering .  Have fun to meet all of them again , we eat , we talk , we laugh , we remember last time during our foundation , then we talk about it . It's always a good memory . You all are awesome friend ! Well, talk about the restoran , environment is good , food is not bad , and the price is cheap . So, overall, it is a good place to gather . I didn't took any photo . Don't ask me why , i just don't have the mood to took photo , and no good camera also . Hehe =) Oh ya , the restoran also got few board for you to guess word , if you manage to guess right the whole board , you will get a mystery prize . Quite cool huh ? It's quite fun to crack your head to think of the answer . lol That's all for the day and this post  !  

first day of holiday

As i say in my previous post that i want to redesign my blog . i had redesign my blog > my blog now have new name and new layout ! yipee. =)

let's see , friday , 29/1/10 , iwake up quite early , wake up at 7am . Haha , then accompany my mum go joging at the park . Here's some photo :

Then at 11am , i go to cheras to cut my hair with my mum and her friend . Wah , we use MRR2 go there , and guess what , we stuck in the traffic jam when we bypass the batu caves . Super jam because of the preparation for the Thaipusam . Haha , i'm not going to post my new hairstyle after haircut , coz i havent took any single photo of me after my haircut . lol =0 Ok, waited for so long only reach my turn , what i do while i waiting , i take photo like :

Isn't the dog cute ? hehe she is the aunty who cut my hair dog . According to the aunty , she is 6 years old . =) She is beautiful. Oops , i mean the dog . =p I skipped lunch that day , and straight eat dinner at 5pm after the haircut . hehe 

Then at night i go 1 utama find job , but there's no job that interest me! I'm very sienz di ! Working at 1 utama for 3 sem break di ! Shall change place , work at other place . Oh ya , i had appy 1 job , hopefully they will hired me . 'Fingercrossed' first . =0 That's my first day of holiday ! =) 

Friday, 29 January 2010

I'm back ! Happy Holiday !

Yeah , as i say in my last blog , i just finish my exam yesterday , 28 - 1- 2010 . I'm now officially having holiday ! =) Well, my exam should be okay. I know how to do. Hopefully can get good result . =) Result will released at 11 March by the way . hehe Oh yea , yesterday is 28 january ma, then i sit at seat number 28 during exam . lol . Double 28 . =) Oh yea , i will renovate my blog soon . Got to change a new layout and new name for my blog , coz new year ma. haha  There's no plan for tomorrow , will go to Cheras cut my long hair 2morrow. Then on saturday night , will go to Kepong for our Utar foundation TC1 gathering reunion , like finally. hehe  That's all ! I think i might go find work also tomorrow . Any part time job to introduce to me . I need a job ! =) That's all for this post ! Sorry if you feel that this post is very messy or useless, because i also dont know what i writing ,and don't know what to write . =) Happy holiday to all Tarcian ! =)

P.S : My plan fail ,still online during exam . lol

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Exam Mood

Yup, i'm in exam mood now . A 'very good ' kickstart for the first post of year 2010 =( Shouldn't be online now , but i  wanted to post a blog post first before i stop online-ing and study . Well, i already start study . =) Too bad today my house line got problem , so the wireless at my house can't work di . So, i cannot online at home . It is good also , a good excuse for me to concentrate on studies for my coming exam . Well, for those who wondering where am i online now , i online-ing at Oldtown @ BU8 . =) I like the atmosphere here . It is quite quiet compare to other outlets . I think i will renovate my blog after exam ! =0

   Yup, my first exam is on next thursday , 14/1/10

And my last paper is on Thursday also , 28/1/10

So, i will not online for from today onwards to 28/1/10 . Will online back on 29/1/10. I know i'm can't survive without internet . So, hopefully this time i can survive without internet for this 2 weeks ++ . Wish me luck . I will concentrate fully on my exam ! haha =)

 Yup, will not connect to internet for 2 week ++ as there are no internet connection at my house

So, if got anything to tell me , just call or sms me ! =)

See you all on 29/1/10! Will concentrate fully on exam !
Bye blog ! Bye fb ! Bye msn ! Bye Twitter ! =)

Jayren Hann Yaw signing off ! =)