Sunday, 31 January 2010

Chinese New Year is coming soon ! Are you all ready ?

I'm not ready yet , and there's no mood of chinese new year . I haven't buy new clothes . How about you all , my readers ? Oh ya, i tell you i went to 1 utama on 29 Jan ,right ? I had capture the Chinese New Year decoration at the new wing . I also saw the 'bian nian ' show . Well, here's the decoration :

Okay , for those who haven't prepared for Chinese New Year , you all better prepare now , 14 days left . hehe 

P.S : i know my blog reader decrease day by day , and there's hardly got people come read my blog , but still i will continue blog . So, if you happen to read my blog , or just click into my blog , just say Hi ya at least . Much appreciated ! 

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