Saturday, 9 January 2010

Exam Mood

Yup, i'm in exam mood now . A 'very good ' kickstart for the first post of year 2010 =( Shouldn't be online now , but i  wanted to post a blog post first before i stop online-ing and study . Well, i already start study . =) Too bad today my house line got problem , so the wireless at my house can't work di . So, i cannot online at home . It is good also , a good excuse for me to concentrate on studies for my coming exam . Well, for those who wondering where am i online now , i online-ing at Oldtown @ BU8 . =) I like the atmosphere here . It is quite quiet compare to other outlets . I think i will renovate my blog after exam ! =0

   Yup, my first exam is on next thursday , 14/1/10

And my last paper is on Thursday also , 28/1/10

So, i will not online for from today onwards to 28/1/10 . Will online back on 29/1/10. I know i'm can't survive without internet . So, hopefully this time i can survive without internet for this 2 weeks ++ . Wish me luck . I will concentrate fully on my exam ! haha =)

 Yup, will not connect to internet for 2 week ++ as there are no internet connection at my house

So, if got anything to tell me , just call or sms me ! =)

See you all on 29/1/10! Will concentrate fully on exam !
Bye blog ! Bye fb ! Bye msn ! Bye Twitter ! =)

Jayren Hann Yaw signing off ! =)

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