Sunday, 31 January 2010

first day of holiday

As i say in my previous post that i want to redesign my blog . i had redesign my blog > my blog now have new name and new layout ! yipee. =)

let's see , friday , 29/1/10 , iwake up quite early , wake up at 7am . Haha , then accompany my mum go joging at the park . Here's some photo :

Then at 11am , i go to cheras to cut my hair with my mum and her friend . Wah , we use MRR2 go there , and guess what , we stuck in the traffic jam when we bypass the batu caves . Super jam because of the preparation for the Thaipusam . Haha , i'm not going to post my new hairstyle after haircut , coz i havent took any single photo of me after my haircut . lol =0 Ok, waited for so long only reach my turn , what i do while i waiting , i take photo like :

Isn't the dog cute ? hehe she is the aunty who cut my hair dog . According to the aunty , she is 6 years old . =) She is beautiful. Oops , i mean the dog . =p I skipped lunch that day , and straight eat dinner at 5pm after the haircut . hehe 

Then at night i go 1 utama find job , but there's no job that interest me! I'm very sienz di ! Working at 1 utama for 3 sem break di ! Shall change place , work at other place . Oh ya , i had appy 1 job , hopefully they will hired me . 'Fingercrossed' first . =0 That's my first day of holiday ! =) 

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