Friday, 29 January 2010

I'm back ! Happy Holiday !

Yeah , as i say in my last blog , i just finish my exam yesterday , 28 - 1- 2010 . I'm now officially having holiday ! =) Well, my exam should be okay. I know how to do. Hopefully can get good result . =) Result will released at 11 March by the way . hehe Oh yea , yesterday is 28 january ma, then i sit at seat number 28 during exam . lol . Double 28 . =) Oh yea , i will renovate my blog soon . Got to change a new layout and new name for my blog , coz new year ma. haha  There's no plan for tomorrow , will go to Cheras cut my long hair 2morrow. Then on saturday night , will go to Kepong for our Utar foundation TC1 gathering reunion , like finally. hehe  That's all ! I think i might go find work also tomorrow . Any part time job to introduce to me . I need a job ! =) That's all for this post ! Sorry if you feel that this post is very messy or useless, because i also dont know what i writing ,and don't know what to write . =) Happy holiday to all Tarcian ! =)

P.S : My plan fail ,still online during exam . lol

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