Sunday, 31 January 2010

Last day of January

Yup, today is my third day of holiday . And also last day of January. Shall welcome februart tomorrow , means CNY is coming soon . hehe. Today I wake up at 4.30pm. Geng huh ? skip breakfast and lunch , straight eat dinner and watch I guess , i guess , i guess guess guess . lol After dinner , then read newspaper . After that , go out buy roti, just in case i hungry at night is till got roti to eat . hehe I also go to Sunway Giza Mall that near my house , as the mall is new , the parking still free , and only few shop open only . The mall just so so , if people go also go their supermarket only , Village grocer , same as bangsar 1 . So, just walk a while , then off i go to Mcdonald to buy chocalate sundae . I saw the ads in the newspaper and craved for it as i already didn't eat it very long . lie up and waited a while at the drive thru lane. And guess what , the worker who at the counter where i collect my chocalate sundae is a worker that work at bodyglove 1Utama, my colleague when i work part time at Bodygllove 1 utama last time . So coincidence 1 ! She say hi to me , then i ask her work there ah , then she say work part time only . hehe After that , i back home and enjoy my roti and the chocalate sundae . Oh ya , i want to try the Mcd prosperity burger , nice ah ? i didn't eat before le. Hmmmm, Must try it .

Oh ya , the carefour that very near to my house will be opened at 2 of february , the coming wednesday , got free breakfast . They somemore send invitation to the public at Dataran Sunway , good publicity ! But why don't they straight send the invitation flyer or leaflet to every houses. swt . More and more choices of supermarket for the kota damansara people like me and my mum . Is a good thing , but also is a bad thing . Got Giant , Tesco, and carefour . Good thing is mum can compare the price between the supermarket . Bad thig is it will be congested and jam when sale. =0 By the way , will go 1 Utama tomorrow morning to buy new clothes for CNY . Yipee ! That's all for today ,will online and sleep early today ! =)

P.S : Nobody call me for the job that i apply , i hope i will be hired , i want to work ! *fingercrossed first la*=0

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