Sunday, 31 January 2010

Saturday 30 january i went to Tanjung Rambutan

Yes , on 30 jan which is yesterday night , i go to Tanjung Rambutan 1 round with my friend . Go visit . Haha . Oops , no la, i go to the Restoran Tanjung Rambutan Steamboat Buffet and BBQ . I went there for our Utar TC1 gathering .  Have fun to meet all of them again , we eat , we talk , we laugh , we remember last time during our foundation , then we talk about it . It's always a good memory . You all are awesome friend ! Well, talk about the restoran , environment is good , food is not bad , and the price is cheap . So, overall, it is a good place to gather . I didn't took any photo . Don't ask me why , i just don't have the mood to took photo , and no good camera also . Hehe =) Oh ya , the restoran also got few board for you to guess word , if you manage to guess right the whole board , you will get a mystery prize . Quite cool huh ? It's quite fun to crack your head to think of the answer . lol That's all for the day and this post  !  

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