Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A Quick Update

I had finish read this three storybook that i bought a long time ago to kill my boredom during this 7 days of work .  I had work for 7 days , and only 1 sales. The hair treatment voucher i sell is hard to sell . And the supervisor keep asking us to be agressive and get more sales . We have distribute many leaflet and free tissue , but hardly got people approach us . Some just approach us to ask about the treatment . Some even ask about the free shampoo that we didn't even sell it . lol  But then today got a malay lady come ask about the product and she say she is interested with the treatment . And she say her friend also might need the treatment , so she say she will bring her friend and come back to our booth tomorow . Good huh ? Hopefully she will come back with her friend tomorrow ,so can get sales tomorrow . 4 more days to work. =)

Oh yea , to all DAV2 , the timetable for our third sem had been released at the TARC intranet . Check it out ya ! =)

I realised that many of my friend have problem recently included me myself . I feel like i got a problem after a problem . I really doesn't hope for all those problem . Kind of sad to see my friend sad , i will feel the sadness also when i saw them sad . I read my friend blog ,and i will really can feel their sadness and emo. I really wish i can help them, but i can't ,because i don't exactly know what's their problem. I only can give them moral support , and willing to be their listener , advice them , or talk to them if they really need to find someone to talk . So , to all my friend , don't hesitate to call me or sms me if you faced problem or need to talk to someone ,ok ? No need to hak hei ,ok ? We are friend , friend care for friend , and willing to help friend. That friend is for . But even myself can't solve my problem well. I just hope that every problem me and my friend faced will be solve soon . I really wish to see all my friend happy and see them smile . So ,to all my friend , Gambateh ! jia you ! 

I think that's all, nothing much for this post . Just a short update . ~ chaoz ~ 

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