Sunday, 21 February 2010

CNY 2010

Haha , My CNY program is quite full . Ok, let's start .

年除夕 ( 13/02/10 )
Nothing special on this day . At night , go to Restoran Oversea Subang Jaya to eat reunion dinner with my cousin's family . We already book the table early 1 month . We book for 8.30pm dinner . But then when we reach Restoran Oversea , we still cant sit down , and need to wait . Because the previous customer still seating at the table eating . So , about 9.00pm , we only sit down on the table . But then we waited until 10.00pm , they only served the lou sang . Then about 10.30pm , all the dish come all together . Luckily , the portion is quite small, so we eat finish almost all the food . But their service is really bad lo. Maybe there's too many customer , but too less worker . We eat supper instead of dinner .lol

初一 ( 14/02/10 )
Do nothing on that day . Just stay at home the whole day . Watch the Chinese New Year TV program, and online at night as usual.

初二 (15/02/10 )
Same activity as 初一 , whole day at home .

初三 (16/02/10 )
Mum's friend come visit , and mum cook nasi dagang , so they come eat . Many of them came . Still the same i stay at home  whole day .

初四( 17/02/10 )
Go out to meet up with one of my UTAR friend , Onn Sein. We go for movie . We watch this movie:

14 Blades

Well, the movie quite nice , it's about war , many fighting scene. But then there's a story behind that in the movie.

After movie , we went to eat at canton -i . We chat and talk about many thing . Im fact , we had chat and talk pretty much when we que up to buy the movie ticket . Enjoy and happy to meet up with her . hehe 

My friend , Onn Sein eat this . The Signature Prawn Wantan Mee

I eat this . 2 combination Wantan Mee

Me and Onn Sein

初五 ( 18/02/10 )
I go CNY bai nian to my secondary school house friend . We go visit one house to another house . Go out on  11am, and back home at 1 am . Let's see the photo :

Play cards

All Watching TV ,and Kenny playing Ah Chai's camera . lol 

Jiun Tat , Thangam , and Kenny 

Playing mini snooker at Jiun Tat's House

Kenny Playing piano. Romantic huh ? lol

Bai Nian at Denis's house

Soon Chow is making his famous family buble milk tea 

The Best Chocalate milk shake i ever drink ! Really delicious and yummy ! 

Woon , hon kit ,and kenny

From Left to right : Denis , Ah Chai , Kang Wei , Ah Beh , and Jiun Tat 

Play card game again .haha

That's all for that day .

初六 ( 19/02/10 )

Meet Up with my secondary school friend ,Hui Shien , and Yee Lu. Long time didn't meet this two friend . We meet at Cathay Cineplex . We watch movie at there .We watch this movie :

72 Tenant of Prosperity

This movie is very popular and very nice , and very funny . haha . Definitely a good new year movie .

So, after movie , we went to Kim Gary at The Curve to eat our lunch . We chat and talk non stop from 2pm to about 6pm .Haha , There's many topic we can chat . Very enjoy chatting with them .

Then about 6pm, they follow me back to my house ,as my house is just nearby only , and they haven't been to my house . Then about 7pm, we go to Sunway Pyramid to have our dinner . Guess what we eat ? haha

Can guess ? Its very obvious !

Yea, you are right ! Is Full House 

We purposely go Sunway Pyramid , just for Dinner at Full House . Wanted to go there very long di. Finally dine at there . Well, the atmosphere there is nice . And the food also quite nice .


Yee Lu

oops, this not Hui Shien eat 1 . The waiter give wrong 1. So , i just took photo . Forgot to take her 1 .

Me , Hui Shien , and Yee Lu 

初七 ( 20/02/10 )
 Reach Midvalley at 2pm to meet up with few of my UTAR foundation friend ,Adrian , and his gf , Samantha , Ming Sian , and Mun Kin ,a small CNY gathering . After all reach and meet up at centre court . We went to had our lunch at Madam Kwan . At first want to eat at KIm Gary , but it's full , so we change to Madam Kwan . I ate Mushroom Chicken rice and cendol . The foood is not bad . We chat and talk very much . It's always nice to chat and talk with them . Enjoy meet up with them . 

Front from left  : Samantha , Adrian , Mun Kin Back from left: Me , and Ming Sian 

Then at night , went to  meet my Cheras friend and heng dai , Wei Qing . Me , wei qing ,and her younger sister go eat at a mamak near wei qing house . I eat Nasi Lemak at the mamak shop. The nasi lemak quite nice . I also chat and talk with Wei Qing   . Enjoy chatting with her , and enjoy meet up with her also . Then back to her house and sit and chat and talk for a while . Then , i back home . 

Me and Wei Qing

That's all for my 7 days of Chinese New Year . Will go my aunty house for lunch later . So, good night everyone . Or shall i say good morning ? lol 

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