Saturday, 6 February 2010

Lonely + bored

Lonely , i am lonely . Akon ' Mr. Lonely ' best described my feeling now . I saw so many of my friend pak tuo and  found their Mr/ Ms Right/bf/gf/ , i'm really envy them , when is my turn ? I know i cannot hurry , need to depend on 缘份. But then is very hard to find a really good girl , is like they start to extinct .Not to say don't have, but most of them are already not available. No offence for all the girls ya, it's just my opinion . So i may go pikat her if i found a nice and good girl.Only if i really can find one . I must act very fast. Don't worry , people , i'm fine here , i just feel like want to my say it out only . No worries ya .I'm not emo ya .Ok, let's say about my work , so far there are only 1 sales . Hopefully can get more sales . Had distribute many leaflet and free tissue , but nobody come ask . =0 That's all for this post . =) ~ chaoz~ 

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