Thursday, 4 February 2010

My current working life at Carrefour Subang Jaya

Hey yo, what's up everyone ? hehe . I did mention that i will be working part time at carrefour Subang Jaya ,right ? yeah , i'm c working at Carrefour Subang Jaya . The work is damn bored , can sit whole day , and nothing to do . Sienz till the max . This job is the easiest and most relax job i ever work . Sit only can earn quite high salary , good or not ? haha. Oh ya , i'm currently selling 101 hair care treatment voucher , 5 treatment just RM35 only . It's a promotion price , normal price about RM400 . Basically , the company just want to introduce their hair care center and their product . I just promote here . If you all are interested , just come and have a look . Give the company a chance and give yourself a chance . No forcing ya . Oh yeah , we also provide free scanning of the hair here to find put your problem . Our booth is in front of the Cili Padi foodcourt at level 2 . Well, the people here really very less , been trying to promote and sell the voucher , but till now haven't sell a single voucher . Hopefully , can sell at least one voucher during weekend . I guess weekend more people . hehe . Sad to say ,this hair treatment thing really hard to sell . Okay , let you all see my booth now , here is it :

My booth 

Okay , this is me , just took this photo just now :

This is me ! 

My booth here only got 2 promoter , me and another promoter , Here's my nice and friendly colleague , penny :

 My colleague , Penny 

Lastly , i present you the two promoter working at the 101 Hair Care booth :

Me and Penny 

That's all for this post ! Just come find me if you are free , i can go for break anytime , lunch or dinner also can . I am bored ! =0

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