Friday, 5 February 2010

Super random post

Nothing to blog , so i shall blog some photo i took randomly .

The malay lady actually use her head to balance the big bottle of water and walk . Geng huh ?

See the traffic light ? It actually senget and dont know which direction it facing. lol 

The LRT station that i get down everyday to TARCollege.

The light at Tesco and The Curve , took it when i'm on the way back home . 

Me and my friend , John actually bored while waiting for our food , so we use water to create a MIckey Mouse .lol Do it look like mickey mouse ?

My golden key 

Wong Lo Kat , good for sorethroat . lol 

A green lizard on the road.

Traffic Jam - Common in K.L

If you watch Transformer movie before , you will know this logo . 

vintage fish lantern , belong to my cousin .

Chaoz ~~

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