Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Story of My Life

Haha , i had finally found a topic to blog .Okay , i'm going to share with you all the story of my life . Firstly , i want to write this post to let you all know me better . Secondly , i just want to let this post be my memories . So ,at least when i old , i can look back at this post , and it also will be a proof that show  i exist in this world . Okay , let's start . I'm Kwan Hann Yaw , i'm born in the morning , 9.30pm on 17 December 1988, at Universiti Hospital, K.L . Obviously i'm a guy and i'm a chinese . I'm already exist in this world for 22 years .

The photo below is me, i'm quite chubby when i small .

Quite chubby , right ?

My first naked photo 

On 17 December 1989 ,i'm officially 1 years old ! 

1 year old birthday! 

I just like this one !  i don't know why .

Haha , i smile . I am really happy when i'm a kid.

I'm playing the so called "gameboy" at that time .

I also got talent when i'm just a kid . I can play guitar . haha Just kidding ! posing only lol 

Me with 'beca' at my mum's hometown , Kuala Besut , Terengganu . Now , hardly got 'beca' . =0

Haha . Told you i got talent . Lol Another just posing photo . But this piano still at my house now .

There goes my childhood , and i enter kindergarten. I had beenstudy in few kindergarten due to i 'pindah Rumah ' . My first kindergarten is Tadika Littlebell ay Damansara Utama. Then when i was 5 years old , i study at Young Achievers at Bandar Sri Damansara ,as me and my family  shifted to stay there . I pretty like kindergarten life. That time we were like very innocent , we doesn't know anything , and just play ,play ,and play . Well ,i doesn't have much memories about my kindergarten life .

Me in Kindergarten uniform.

Another semi naked photo. Posing . lol

Then came standard 1 . I was just an average student . I enjoy study, and i also enjoy to know new friend and play around with them . I was starting to enjoy my primary school life . But at that same year ,1995 , my dad was diagnosed to have leg cancer . And when my dad getting serious in the middle part of the year , my mum had no choice but to send him to those house care , as there are nurse that can take care of my dad. My mum can't take care of him alone ,as she is a teacher and she had to teach at school . But my mum do go vist my dad very often . I also got go visit my dad . So, everything goes as normal , study at school ,and so on . Until one day in July , my aunty came to my primary school and bring me and my elder sister to the house care . My dad is very critical . I still remember when i reach the house care , my mum is already there . And my dad is waiting for me and my sister . Then he saw us , his breath stop , and he pass away . Well, i don't quite remember it, as i'm just 6 ++ years old that time. But i do remember the funeral held at a funeral parlor at Kampung Medan ,if i not mistaken. I do still remember my dad now . Sometime i do think of him . And when i saw his photo , i feel that i look like my dad . Many of my mum's friend also said i'm look like my dad when i grown up. I do envy other people who had their dad to sayang them . But what to do , life still goes on. Well, i also doesn't even know my dad's side relatives. That's why i close with my mum's side relatives.

Luckily my mum is teacher ,so she teach to earn for living . So, she's the one who support my family since then. I really love my mum . She alone bring up me and my sister . She is my idol . She is the one who i always want to learn from . So, since then , i know that i need to study hard and i know that i'm the one who need to take care of the family when i grown up to adult . I also know that i need to be a good son .

So, i study hard , but then i'm still just an average student ,with an average result. So, time passed fast , and i am standard 6 in year 2005. I had my UPSR exam . But sadly , my result is not that good . Well, my sister always is the best in my family . She is the intelligent one , she get straight A in UPSR . 

Standard 6 trip to Malacca

Trip in Star Cruise

13 years old birthday !

Then came form 1. As my result is not that good , i can't go to those good school like SMJK Katholik. Well, and my primary school send me to SMK BU 2 . But my mum say that school is not good ,and many bad student . So , my mum asked to transfer me to the school she teach , which is S.M.K Taman Ehsan . And the transfer is sucess. So  i start my secondary school at SMK Taman Ehsan . Well, that school is not bad ,and i study in the second best class in form 1 . So, i mixed with those good student that had good result . Which is a good thing , so that i won't be bad . So, i study hard , and in form 2 , i study in the first class, the best class. I do take part in the marching during hari sukan  in form 1 and form 2.


This is an event during hari merdeka, i think is a patriotik song competition, and my group won. 

15 years old birthday !

Then came form 3, which is also PMR year . Well, i maintained my result ,and manged to study in first class , which is the best class in form 3 . And oh yeah , my mum is the science teacher in my class, she teach me science in school. So,sometime i don't even know how to call my mum when need to greet .lol The good thing is i can ask her if i don't understand something personally . The bad thing is she will know my result as she is the one who mark my exam paper. So, i got to get good result . I still remember got once i get a not so good result , then my mum scold me and ask me why. Another thing is all my classmates will ask me whether their exam paper had been marked by my mum and their result . Well, i study harder ,and i get 4 A in my PMR exam. As i tell my mum that if my math and science get A , then i can study in science stream in form 4 . So as i get A for my math and science, i choose to study in science stream. My mum not really agree , she prefer me study in art stream, as my science subject is not good. Well, the reason i choose to study in science stream is because the art stream class student in my school is bad student ,and i doesn't want to mixed with them , no offence.

So in form 4 , i try to cope with my science stream life . It's hard but i tried to study very hard . The subject that i not good in is physic and add maths . I failed the subject few times . So as i study well, and enjoy my life with my secondary school classmates and friend , another shock and sudden incident happen . I still remember , in the early morning in one saturday in september 2004, my mum woke me up, she ask me to go to the master bedroom. When i reach master bedroom , i saw my elder sister is lying at the bed ,with half concious . I was shocked ! It is so sudden ! My mum say my sister went to toilet in the midnight ,and then suddenly she heard a loud banging sound. She go and check , and saw my sister lying on the floor . My sister still concious at that time, but then after that that she keep vomiting. My mum know that something is wrong , so she called the ambulance. But then the ambulance didnt come after so long . Luckily , 1 of my neighbour willing to send my sister to hospital after we called them . But then i feel sad that i can't help anything . I didn't follow to the hospital ,as i had tuition on that afternoon. But i doesn't had mood ,as i'm worried about my sister.

So, at night , my aunty come and fetch me to the hospital to see my sister . My sister is in I.C.U . She is already unconcious . The doctor said she is born with a very thin brain blood vessel ,so it's like a time bomb . So , it burst at that time . That's hardly got sign about that . But then my sister got complained about headache before that ,but when see docyor , the doctor said it is normal to had headache . Actually headche is one of the sign . The doctor also said that there are many pressure inside my sister brain . So, my sister had 2 times operation . 

So since then, my sister is unconcious . So, me and my mum go to hospital to accompany her everyday . Well, i need to thanks all my secondary school classmates and friend and teacher that care about my sis and they helped out a lot . They also came visit my sister . Well, later after 1 week , my sister got open her eyes , but still remain half unconcious . She can't talk as there were a hole in her throat to help her breath . But we know that she want to go for her SPM exam,as she is those want to study and she's intelligent. But we tell her to take care of her health ,only go for the SPM exam . That time i'm really sad . Then i still remember ,got 1 day during that i go to S.H.E concert in bukit Jalil . Although i'm try to enjoy the concert , but i do worried about my sister . I scared that my sister will passed away and i cant see her last time . But luckily , my sister is okay .

Then , one day in november 2004 , my aunty called and say my sister is critical, and she come fetch me to the hospital . But on the way to the hospital, i didn't even feel sad , i didn't cry , my mind is just empty, i don't know why . But i do worried and scared . we try to rush to hospital, as we know she is waiting for me.  So , when i reached hospital, after my sister saw me , she passed away . So, my sister had stayed unconcious for 3 months . That time i feel really sad . I got so much thing to tell her. I even call her and shake her to ask her to wake up. At that time i really regret that sometime i fight with my sister . Many thing flashback in my mind. Many of my classmates friends attend my sister funeral. I really appreciate it . Because of this also , i berbaik semula with a good friend. I feel sad during the funeral, but i just cant cried out .Maybe it's too much for me that time . So, since then , my life had changed , nothing will be the same again . Since then , i bear the responsible to take care of the family . My mum is very sad . She is okay only after few months . Then , my attitude also change , i start to appreciate and cherish every of my friend , family , and relatives . I don't want to regret when it's too late. I also become easily touched . I also become tougher and study hard .

So, i get 2A in my SPM . Then ,after that ,i'm start search for colleges and universities after i get my results.

Singapore trip after SPM

So, at last , i choose to study at UTAR . Study 1 years foundation , and three years degree . I choose to study Construction Manage ment degree course after foundation , but it is not exactly my choice ,as i don't know what to choose that time. My mum say my uncle and aunty study this course ,so if i don't know , can ask them. Therefore i study this course. So , i study foundation first . I really enjoyed my foundation lige at UTAR . I know many new and nice friend . We are very close to each other .

My foundation classmates friend . I really enjoy being with them ! I miss that moment ! 

Then after 1 year , i studied my construction management degree . It is quite hard . But i still try to study the courses , and slowly adapt to it . I also involved in some big event , i go for the welcome freshmen concert comittee interview for May 2008 , and i sucess to become the secretary for the welcome freshmen concert . I pretty enjoy to work with a group of nice and friendly comittee member friend from different courses. I enjoy chatting with them . They are very good team and comittee member . I really glad that i know them . They are a good friend to me . 

WFC Comitee member 2008 .

But at the same time , may 2008 . after this event , i withdraw from UTAR ,as my result is bad , i failed 2 subject . And i feel that i'm not interested at construction management course . So, i changed to TARCollege and study diploma in advertising . Frankly speaking , i cant really adapt to the TARC culture , is like i had culture shock . As the college student is not that matured in thinking that universities student . It;s my opinion , no offence ya . And all my classmates is younger than me . But i slowly adapt to TARC culture . And many people said that i change to be more talkative after i enter TARC. Maybe. lol  So , i know few good friend at TARC . Study life is totally different from UTAR. But after 1 year till now , i sort of adapt to it , eventhough i admit that i still miss UTAR. And for each sem break when study in KTAR, i work part time every sem break . ecause i doesn't want to rely too much on my mum, i don't want to keep asking money from my mum . I will use my own money to buy things i want . I use my money to buy my handphone. So far , i had worked for 7 part time job . I also join the Mass Call May 2009, i am one of the helper for mass call  . From mass call, i also know few nice and good friend from different courses.

Mass Call may 2009 

John . TARC good friend

Teri , TARC good friend

Then , last year July , i work in a big event , PC Fair . From there , i also get to know many friend from different college ,from UCSI, really glad to know them . They are great friend .

PC Fair July 2009

I got 1 more semester to finish my diploma. Then i will most probably continue my degree at Help . Hopefully i graduate my diploma with good result . That's my story . Now you know me better . I know this post is really long. I really appreciate those who read till to the end . Well , this is only a chapter of my life , there's many coming ! I will live my life to the max ! 


  1. Hey read your story, didn't know so many things happened after we went separated ways after primary school. My condolences.

    We will catch up more often during May to update each other...XD

  2. hehe. Yea , no worries ! i'm okay and tough. =) Thanks anyway ! Sure , must meet up and update each other . hehe =)

  3. hi Hann Yaw, I stumbled upon this post when I was reading the post abt your accident. Wow, you've been so much thru life even tho you're younger than me. And I really admire the attitude and perseverance you have, it's amazing, honestly. I'm really happy that you didn't go down the wrong path and keep the bitter feelings in your heart. I feel so inspired after reading this post, inspired to appreciate my family and friends, and to love them more while I still have them with me. Stay strong, k. Melanie, Arnold and I will always be here for you whenever you need people to talk to. :)

  4. Tansra : hehe , thanks ! Yea , aprreciate your family and friend . I will stay strong ! No worries ! =) Thanks for your support ! =)