Sunday, 28 February 2010

Year 2 Sem 3

At first doesn't feel like writing blog today , but after reading my friend's blog just now , i have the urge and feel like update my blog . As i said before in one of my previous post ,that i will update my blog everyday, so here i am to update my blog . haha .

Okay , stop crapping , let's back to the topic. I had start new semester after 3 weeks of holiday ,which is year 2 semester 3 , which is also my last semester of Diploma in TARCollege. Time really flies fast , right ? haha . Okay , my first week of this semester is quite free and relax . Back  to college first day on monday , and guess what , all my class on that day canceled. So, go to college just for nothing . Then , tuesday went back to college for committee meeting . Then , wednesday go to collge at 4pm for lecture . Then stay back and meet my UTAR WFC friend for dinner , a small gathering . Enjoy meet up with them . I havent get the photo yet , cause the photo is at 1 of my friend there . So no photo to upload here. Then , Thursday , go to college at 10am for tutorial class replacement . And there's some bad news from our lecturer . We will have saturday class and night class ,as the tutor had commitment to his job. So, he will conduct the tutorial at night once , and another on saturday . Well, this semester is just a short semester , so, i'm okay with it . After all, tutorial is important for our studies and exam .

Oh yea , and we also form our assignment group that day . I managed to find few good members . I hope we can be a good team . And we will have our final semester project which is an event held at sport complex this end of semester . So , i think i will be busy starting from next week ,there's many work to do for the planning of the event for every group. Friday is a public holiday , so no class on that day . But there will be replacement class . So , sometime i rather there's no public holiday .lol . That's my first week of year 1 semester 3 . I will get the latest timetable by next monday i guess .

Oh yea , many of my friend said that i'm a positive person . I always try to be happy . But then i'm still can suddenly moody and no mood. I cant find any single reason to explain why . And when i moody , i prefer to be silent , and i dislike people asking me what happen to me ? question . Cause i really don't know how to answer them . I guess it's pretty obvious when i'm moody , my face and behaviour show it all . haha But my mood will recover after just 1 day . That's me . Just some random fact about me to share here. You can just ignore it .lol 

I forgot to mention just now that our lecturer told that 1 of our last semester subject result is quite bad , many people fail . I really hope i can pass . *pray hard* Well, i shall wait for the 'judgement day' on 11 March 2010, i will know my result on that day . I'm really feel excited to know my result . I really want to know my result ASAP so badly . Whatever result i get , i will just accept it , cause its already a fact , and we must accept it . After all , life still goes on . So, i will just accept it . So, wish me good  luck on 11 March . hehe

That's all for this post . This post is a little bit messy ,as i just write a little but brief about this and that .It's a mixed up post . I just write out my thoughts . Nothing special and important in this post . It's just a daily life report of me. 

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