Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Busy week ending soon

Yeah , my busy week going to end soon, next tuesday and wednesday will be my final semester graduate exhibition show. After that , i will not have any assignment anymore . By then will only need to study for exam . Oh no , i'm so busy until havent start study yet . For your information , my exam will start 1 week after my exhibition . Great , right ? lol

Oh yea , i had a mid term test yesterday , it's like a sudden pop test , cause our lecturer say week 6 got mid term test , but none of us know whether the mid term test is on monday or wednesday . But i do study a little bit la. So, when went in to the lecture hall, really got mid term test woh . But luckily the question is all designing an ad, not related ti theory part , so it's not that hard. haha .

I need a haircut so badly , my hair is very long . I think i shall go for haircut this weekend .

Okay , this week will be busy with all my exhibition stuff , need to finish it . Hope my exhibition will be sucessful!

Oh yea , today we had draw lots to decide where is our booth . Well, my booth location is not that strategic , but then i believe location wont be a problem, is the technique and strategy we use to promote our booth and brand , and how we attract the crowd. We can do it ! hehe We will try our best ! For your information, there's a best booth award.

P/S : My exhibition is on 6th and 7th April at TAR College Sport complex , My booth is Tenji. Do come support me if you are free . =)

Till then , bye 

Monday, 29 March 2010

Ultimate Power Group

Hello people , i'm back . I'm lazy to update my blog actually , but then i'm now have nothing to do , guess where am i ?. The answer is i'm at old town @ 1 Utama. Know why i'm here ? cause today i got replacement class at 4pm - 6 pm. And it will be rush if my mom come to fetch me at kelana jaya lrt station, as she's teaching tuition at night . She need to be out at 7pm . Thus , i took bus to 1 Utama, and my mum will come pick me up later at 10.00pm when her tuition finish.Ish , i regret to eat at old town . The main purpose i'm here is to online , but guess what , the old town wireless here very sucks , cant even connect to the network . So , i try to connect to the one utama wifi, try so long only manage to sucessfully connected ,but facebook , twitter , ebuddy , msn all been blocked , feel like i'm at college. And the network signal is so poor. Okay , i shall stop complain, shall appreciate it as i can online .

Okay , back to the topic , you all know 8TV Ultimate Power Group competition reality show? Well, one of my primary school  classmates , Chee Yean, is 1 of the member of Igirls , which is one of the top 12 . Yesterday is her first round to perform . So, i went to the Sri Pentas 2 studio at Plaza Alam Sentral , Shah Alam to support her and her group . Their family member and friend also come support them. The group who perform yesterday are 四乐草,3杰客, 3 度C, Fly , Super Bang , and Igirls .My friend's group, Igirls , are the second group to perform. Well, i sit at the back of the judges . So, maybe i will be on tv , coz when the camera shoot the judges , i'm also will be shoot inside. There's a chance . Well, overall the experience is great and fun ! It definitely different from watching in front of the TV .You can see the group that perform so clearly, you also can see the judges so clearly. You also can feel the supporter that support their preference group . The supporter shout so loud to get the group attention.lol. Well, every group on that day perform well. My friend's group, Igirl also perform very well . But unluckily , they didn't manage to get the 'triumph card' . Only 1 group , Super Bang , get the ' triump card ' . Well, they deserved it , as their performance is great ! 

Thus , they need all of the audience vote . Well, i vote for 10 vote for them, Igirls . My friend ma, sure support 9 9 . Well, there are 30 minutes of break for voting ,before the result show start . Well, during that time , all the supporter were busy sms to vote . And evryone is so nervous to know the result . But i'm guess all the group who perform more  nervous . Well, every week sure got one group been eliminated . The audience vote is very important . It will effect the result .

Oh yea , some of the group that perform last week also come to support their team mates . And some Ultimate Power group 1st season finalist , like Nu Girls , and others also come support the second season finalist. I can recognize them cause i got saw them on TV before . lol 

So, before the result show start , everyone is so nervous and wanted to know the result so badly , no  matter is the supporter or the group that perform, i also feel nervous for them . The emcee ask the judges will choose to let who continue to the next round , at that time all the supporter shout their preference  So, all group stand on the stage , waiting for the result to be announced . First ,四乐草,3杰客 straight go in to next round , then after that     3 度C also straight go into the next round . Then left Igirls and Fly , that time really nervous lo, praying that my friend's group , Igirls will sucessful enter next round . So, at last the result is........................................................................................................................... Fly sucessfully enter next round , which means Igirls had been eliminated . I feel sad when i know the result . Well, it's the ugly truth , as competition is always cruel. Their family members also sad ,some do cry , as well as other group , as they had been through so many thing together . When the emcee announce the result , 1 of the Igirls group member , snow straight cried out . I also feel her sadness even though i don't know her . What i want to tell Snow is you had tried your best ! Just treat it as a learning field ! You had gone through a great and fun experience that not everyone can experience ! At least you own it before . You are still young , there's still a lot of chances outside ! Dont ever give up ! Take a rest , then continue strive for your dream ! You can do it ! Okay , so after that everyone is waiting for the judges decision whether to choose them into the revival round , 复活赛.

At last , the judges say only candy and my friend, Yean been chosen into the revival round ,复活赛. So , to my friend , Chee Yean , take a rest , and then try your best in the survivor round ! You will get my support , i will support you 9 9 ! haha .Same to candy ! =)

Then after that waited my friend to come out and we chat for a while . Chee Yean, you didn't make us dissapointed , you had try your best ! No need to say sorry ,ok ? Nobody will blame you 1 . hehe Just try your best  during the survival round ya . hehe =)

Lastly , Igirls will always in our mind ! =)

Oh yea , i took some photo also , here are them :

Waiting for the result

Still waiting for the result

Same do the Judges, waiting for the result

And lastly , this is my primary school classmate , Chee Yean, finally meet her back after 10 years . lol  

Thursday, 25 March 2010

I need a rest

Third post of the day . lol Well, there are so many thing to do , and there's so less time for me, all due date on this friday ! Wish me luck ya ! I just want to faster finish all my work at college, i want to graduate !  sometime, i feel like having a rest ,maybe go for a vacation, but i can't . Haha  I wanted to study also , but there is no time for me to study , need to finish all my assignment , proposal, lots of work to do. And i got 1 mid term test next week, and i haven't even start do revision . I know it's just an excuse , i should really manage my time well. Hopefully , i can study for the test after i finish everything, i really need to study !=)  Oh yeah , everyone, tune in to watch 8tv Ultimate Power Group show this sunday , 8.30pm-9.30 pm if you free . One of my primary school friend is 1 of the finalist of the Ultimate Power Group , she is 1 of the igirls member . Support igirls ya , they will perform this sunday , their first round ,vote for them ! They need our support ! =) i will be going to the studio to support my friend ! haha =)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Random thing

Ever saw a traffic light that both red light and green light lighted together ? Here you go :

The photo is blur because i capture it when i'm driving to buy breakfast. It's so random, Haha

Oh yeah , another random thing , today , when i'm on the way driving to college , there's a police roadblock at batu caves there , and i kena stopped by the police , cause i speeding . So, i stop at a side , as the police ask me to stop. So, when a traffic police come to my car , he ask me to give him my driving licence, he say i drive 93km/h ,and the speed limit is 80 km /h . Then , after he copy every details , he ask me , 'mau tolong atau saman? ' . Then , i answer , 'boleh tolong ah ?' , and he say , ' bayar  RM50 la' . But then i dont even have so much money that time , so i answer , ' ada RM10 saja , say pelajar saja', i even show him my purse . Then , he really take my RM10, and say ' pergi la' . Well , he's angry cause i actually 'bribe' him just so little amount of money . Haha . Well, this is the second time dy , last time i also kena stopped by the traffic police , and i actually just 'bribe' RM30 , then i can go already without saman .Haha Twice the same case. This prove that Malaysia really good at rasuah , bribery . lol 


Yea, is Tenji ! me and my group will do Tenji for our final year graduate exhibition show at TAR College sport complex on 6th and 7th April 2010 , 10am-4pm. Do come support us ya ! My booth is Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant , there will be games and freebies for you all , and also remember to vote for our booth if you got come ! Come visit us ya , you will never regret , it will be fun ! haha . Oh yeah , left 2 more week , then it is my exhibition already. So, really many thing to do and prepare . Well, we had finish shooting our television commercial, and we had finish edited it as well.  So, we had showed our tutor , Mr Jerry just now , and guess what , our TVC been approved by Mr Jerry . Yeah ! We also manage to get sponsor from Tenji ! Great ! haha Tomorrow we will be start recording our radio commercial , can't wait for it ! =) Then , i will be doing the poster design later . And we will get the approval of our proposal, flyer , bunting , poster , and print ad design approval as well. Hope everything will be approved , pray hard . Hope everything goes well . Oh by the way , here's my member who make the whole TVC  a sucess. This is part of the TVC scene, where we shoot it at a music studio . They are :

The rock singer - Mujahid 

The drummer - Colleen , but she's acting as a singer in this photo . Haha =)

The rock guitarist

Another guitarist in the TVC - Me , but acting as drummer in this photo . haha 

And also Ee Yee as the camera person 

All of us ! =)

So, remember to come to TARCollege sport complex to support me on 6th & 7th April ya ! =)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

A weird dream

Oh yea , at first today i wake up at 12pm, but then i'm still tired , so i sleep back . During that second sleep, i got a weird dream. In the dream, i failed my SPM ,and had been asked to go back to primary school to study all over again . So, i go back to my primary school to study . And when i go in to the class , i sit beside a guy . So , i study , but after a while i noticed the guy beside me is my primary school classmate , Ivan Onn . lol and then when i turned back to see , i saw all my primary classmate at that class also . And then after that , all of them stand up and come and say they come support and accompany me study all over again. I really feel touched . But obviously i know it is a dream. haha But i still feel that it's so sweet of them . It's not real, it's a dream only la. A weird one . swt . This reminds me of my memory with my primary classmates . It's been about 10 years we didn't meet since we leave our primary school . I really shall meet up with my primary school classmates soon. Must get updates from them . I miss them ! haha =)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

I need freedom

I do something for a reason. If i really tell you that i'm going out , will you allowed ? Sometime i cant share something with you , i can only share it with my friend , i can only express it out to them . I really envy all those who had siblings , at least you all can share thing with them . But i can't . I'm all alone at home . Sometime i really need to go out with friend . I need some freedom, i'm already big enough . i need to hang out with friend to release my stress . How good if i had my own car ! =0

A visit to old folks home

Yea , i went to an old folks home with 1 of my friend and his club which is adverture, explorer , charity club ( AEC) on yesterday . It's quite a nice , interesting , and meaningful experience. It is my first visit to old folks home. Okay , lazy to write , shall let the photo tell, photo tell more than words , right ?

This is the old folk home we went

This is the old folks that stay there , a total of 23 of them

We perform 洗刷刷 dance to them

we massage them .

This 婆婆 good in singing , she sing and entertain us . 

We perform another dance , forgot what's the name dy


we sing 甜蜜蜜

The uncle on the left sing karaoke for us. The guy on the right is my friend

The old folks home 理事

The 理事 brief us on the old folks home history 

This is one of the volunteer worker at the old folk home, she sing and entertain us 

The emcee of the day , Celine

The 理事 bring us to visit the old folks hostel

Their hostel

Their hostel

Lastly , a group photo before we leave the old folk home

It's a very meaningful activities . That's all for this post . Photo credits from my friend DSLR .

Saturday, 13 March 2010

The feeling back again

I hate the feeling . Sometime i feel lonely , like now . I'm really bored , i dont feel like staying at home , i want to go out . Someone please drag me out ! Thanks ! =)

Friday, 12 March 2010

I need a break !

Aargh , my life is tired recently , i'm busy with my final sem project and the event . Oh ya , just to promote ,my graduation event will be on 6 and 7th April 2010 at TAR College sport complex. Remember come support me if you free ya !  Recently i just feel so lazy , eventhough i know i got lots of proposal need to do, and time is limited  since this semester is a short semester . I really need to work hard . Oh yeah , my last semester result had released , and guess what , i failed 1 subject out of 5 subject . So , i got to resit that paper dy , but it is expected , as i know i didn't done quite well for that exam. So, i really need to work harder , i must pass, I want to graduate from diploma and continue my degree ! Haha, sometime i really wish i can graduate from TAR College faster , to be frank , i don't really like TAR College . Don't ask me why , cause i also don't know the reason. Really lots of thing i need to do, so sometime i do feel stress. That's why i need a break , just to relax for a while , then continue my 'war' . Yeah , tomorrow i'm going to an old folks home at Klang with my UTAR foundation friend and his friend . It's sure fun , i can do charity and know new friend also . haha 

I did tell you all that i join our final event , V - Award committee member , but after i attend the meeting for 2 weeks , i feel a little bit regret that i join as committee . It is really not organized , i dont feel any special about this event yet , the planning of the event is not that good . UTAR WFC more better ,and i enjoy meeting with UTAR WFC last time , but definitely not that enjoy this V - Award . But what to do, as i am already a committee for V - Award , i will commit to it and be responsible towards my role and job .

Nowadays really hard to guess people's feeling , attitude , and emotion . They may change until very scary . I recently heard that one of my friend is not the friend that i know during secondary school, he's totally change ,and his change is scary . I never expected that . Well, but sometimes some people got two faces . No offence ya ! After this , i really believe that people can change . After all, anything is possible , and nothing is impossible , right ?

No photo for this post . haha , cause i didn't took photo recently . ~chaoz~

Monday, 8 March 2010

Busy busy week !

Hello lady and gentlemen , sorry for not updating my blog . I'm really busy this week and will be very busy on the coming week. As you all know ,i'm having my last semester at TAR College , which is also a short semester . So , there's very less time for me. There's many thing need to do, prepare for my final year project , assignment , tutorial question , discussion and many more . Oh yea , i also join to be a committee member for our final year event. And my post is secretary , so i will busy doing all the paper work for the event . But then i kind of like it , cause i can learn many things , and i can get to know many new friend . It will be fun i guess ! And it will be a great experience as well. Oh yea , my last semester result coming out soon, 4 more days , will released on Thursday . Yeah , it 's like finally ! Excited to know my result while scared as well. Hopefully i can pass all my subject *pray hard* . Please forgive me if i hardly blog this month , cause i think i will be busy as our schedule and due date for this semester had been plan , every week also got proposal or script to hand in . But i will try my best to update my blog . 

Lastly , here's the photo for my UTAR WFC gathering :

Me and Tzyy Shyuan

From front left : Me , Shyuan , Back left : Sherril , Shen Chie

Front left : Tzyy Shyuan , Sherril , Shen Chie , Back left : Eric , Me