Sunday, 14 March 2010

A visit to old folks home

Yea , i went to an old folks home with 1 of my friend and his club which is adverture, explorer , charity club ( AEC) on yesterday . It's quite a nice , interesting , and meaningful experience. It is my first visit to old folks home. Okay , lazy to write , shall let the photo tell, photo tell more than words , right ?

This is the old folk home we went

This is the old folks that stay there , a total of 23 of them

We perform 洗刷刷 dance to them

we massage them .

This 婆婆 good in singing , she sing and entertain us . 

We perform another dance , forgot what's the name dy


we sing 甜蜜蜜

The uncle on the left sing karaoke for us. The guy on the right is my friend

The old folks home 理事

The 理事 brief us on the old folks home history 

This is one of the volunteer worker at the old folk home, she sing and entertain us 

The emcee of the day , Celine

The 理事 bring us to visit the old folks hostel

Their hostel

Their hostel

Lastly , a group photo before we leave the old folk home

It's a very meaningful activities . That's all for this post . Photo credits from my friend DSLR .

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