Sunday, 21 March 2010

A weird dream

Oh yea , at first today i wake up at 12pm, but then i'm still tired , so i sleep back . During that second sleep, i got a weird dream. In the dream, i failed my SPM ,and had been asked to go back to primary school to study all over again . So, i go back to my primary school to study . And when i go in to the class , i sit beside a guy . So , i study , but after a while i noticed the guy beside me is my primary school classmate , Ivan Onn . lol and then when i turned back to see , i saw all my primary classmate at that class also . And then after that , all of them stand up and come and say they come support and accompany me study all over again. I really feel touched . But obviously i know it is a dream. haha But i still feel that it's so sweet of them . It's not real, it's a dream only la. A weird one . swt . This reminds me of my memory with my primary classmates . It's been about 10 years we didn't meet since we leave our primary school . I really shall meet up with my primary school classmates soon. Must get updates from them . I miss them ! haha =)

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