Monday, 8 March 2010

Busy busy week !

Hello lady and gentlemen , sorry for not updating my blog . I'm really busy this week and will be very busy on the coming week. As you all know ,i'm having my last semester at TAR College , which is also a short semester . So , there's very less time for me. There's many thing need to do, prepare for my final year project , assignment , tutorial question , discussion and many more . Oh yea , i also join to be a committee member for our final year event. And my post is secretary , so i will busy doing all the paper work for the event . But then i kind of like it , cause i can learn many things , and i can get to know many new friend . It will be fun i guess ! And it will be a great experience as well. Oh yea , my last semester result coming out soon, 4 more days , will released on Thursday . Yeah , it 's like finally ! Excited to know my result while scared as well. Hopefully i can pass all my subject *pray hard* . Please forgive me if i hardly blog this month , cause i think i will be busy as our schedule and due date for this semester had been plan , every week also got proposal or script to hand in . But i will try my best to update my blog . 

Lastly , here's the photo for my UTAR WFC gathering :

Me and Tzyy Shyuan

From front left : Me , Shyuan , Back left : Sherril , Shen Chie

Front left : Tzyy Shyuan , Sherril , Shen Chie , Back left : Eric , Me

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