Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Busy week ending soon

Yeah , my busy week going to end soon, next tuesday and wednesday will be my final semester graduate exhibition show. After that , i will not have any assignment anymore . By then will only need to study for exam . Oh no , i'm so busy until havent start study yet . For your information , my exam will start 1 week after my exhibition . Great , right ? lol

Oh yea , i had a mid term test yesterday , it's like a sudden pop test , cause our lecturer say week 6 got mid term test , but none of us know whether the mid term test is on monday or wednesday . But i do study a little bit la. So, when went in to the lecture hall, really got mid term test woh . But luckily the question is all designing an ad, not related ti theory part , so it's not that hard. haha .

I need a haircut so badly , my hair is very long . I think i shall go for haircut this weekend .

Okay , this week will be busy with all my exhibition stuff , need to finish it . Hope my exhibition will be sucessful!

Oh yea , today we had draw lots to decide where is our booth . Well, my booth location is not that strategic , but then i believe location wont be a problem, is the technique and strategy we use to promote our booth and brand , and how we attract the crowd. We can do it ! hehe We will try our best ! For your information, there's a best booth award.

P/S : My exhibition is on 6th and 7th April at TAR College Sport complex , My booth is Tenji. Do come support me if you are free . =)

Till then , bye 

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