Friday, 12 March 2010

I need a break !

Aargh , my life is tired recently , i'm busy with my final sem project and the event . Oh ya , just to promote ,my graduation event will be on 6 and 7th April 2010 at TAR College sport complex. Remember come support me if you free ya !  Recently i just feel so lazy , eventhough i know i got lots of proposal need to do, and time is limited  since this semester is a short semester . I really need to work hard . Oh yeah , my last semester result had released , and guess what , i failed 1 subject out of 5 subject . So , i got to resit that paper dy , but it is expected , as i know i didn't done quite well for that exam. So, i really need to work harder , i must pass, I want to graduate from diploma and continue my degree ! Haha, sometime i really wish i can graduate from TAR College faster , to be frank , i don't really like TAR College . Don't ask me why , cause i also don't know the reason. Really lots of thing i need to do, so sometime i do feel stress. That's why i need a break , just to relax for a while , then continue my 'war' . Yeah , tomorrow i'm going to an old folks home at Klang with my UTAR foundation friend and his friend . It's sure fun , i can do charity and know new friend also . haha 

I did tell you all that i join our final event , V - Award committee member , but after i attend the meeting for 2 weeks , i feel a little bit regret that i join as committee . It is really not organized , i dont feel any special about this event yet , the planning of the event is not that good . UTAR WFC more better ,and i enjoy meeting with UTAR WFC last time , but definitely not that enjoy this V - Award . But what to do, as i am already a committee for V - Award , i will commit to it and be responsible towards my role and job .

Nowadays really hard to guess people's feeling , attitude , and emotion . They may change until very scary . I recently heard that one of my friend is not the friend that i know during secondary school, he's totally change ,and his change is scary . I never expected that . Well, but sometimes some people got two faces . No offence ya ! After this , i really believe that people can change . After all, anything is possible , and nothing is impossible , right ?

No photo for this post . haha , cause i didn't took photo recently . ~chaoz~

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